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Page Background Item #62016 $71.75 /EA $5.50 /EA $6.85 /EA Item #34682 Item #33472 $8.95 /EA Item #58278 $86.75 /EA

• 17” grinding disc removes paint, epoxy,

urethane, wax, tile, and carpet adhesive

• Double-sided and can be

cleaned and reused

• Mounts on a 1-1/2 HP, 175 RPM buffer

using a rubber mounted drive plate

• 17” x 17” x 0.5”

Item #42180017 $245.00 /EA $1,120.00 /EA

• Heavy duty stripping for machines

operating at 175 to 350 RPM

• Open web construction enables

easier dirt pick-up and permits faster

pad cleaning under running water

• All pads are usable on both sides

with equal effectiveness

Item #20009 15” Dia. Item #20011 17” Dia.



3M™ Floor Stripping Pads

• Maintains consistent high performance

throughout the life of the pad

• 20” diameter

• Order 62016 pad driver separately

• 175 to 600 max RPM speed

7200 Black Stripper Pad

• Designed to remove all finish, sealer

and contaminants from the floor surface

5100 Red Buffer Pad

• Designed to remove light soil and

other contaminants including black

heel marks from the floor surface

• Designed for spray buffing, cleans

when damp and buffs when dry

• 15” rotary wire wheel for

Mastercraft floor machines

• Sharp bristles cut through

the heaviest soils; excellent

for special stripping/

scraping tasks

• High impact PCW HDPE block

with 5” center hole, 1/4” built-in

riser and larger shower feed holes

• Includes plastic clutch plate,

riser and wire wheel

• Case is 17” x 17” x 4”

Nexstep MaxiPlus®

Stripping Rotary Wire Brush

• Maxiplus 16” short trim pad driver holder

with Maxiplus® plastic clutch plate

• MaxiClean short trim pad drivers

with .040” blue poly bristles,

1/2” trim and 1-1/2” built-in riser

• Fits most machines including

Mastercraft models

• Effectively holds pad in place for fast

polishing, buffing, scrubbing or stripping

• High impact PCW HDPE block with

5” center hole, additional center hole

sizes available upon request

• Order pads separately

Nexstep Maxiplus®

Pad Driver

Heavy-Duty Tungsten Carbide

Floor Stripping Abrasive Disc



Diamabrush™ by Malish

Hardwood Prep Tool

• Six 50-grit diamond inserts, is the first

step to rejuvenated hardwood floors

• 15” wheel is designed to remove

polyurethane and carpet adhesives

from hardwood floors, effectively

preparing the floor for refinishing

• Ideal for the toughest removal jobs

on hardwood floors

• Cutting surface remains free of

melted or gummed up coatings

and retains its sharp cutting points

throughout the life of the tool

• No more wasted time or money

changing caramelized sandpaper

• Will not gouge wood or leave heavy

scratches on floor surfaces

• Designed to fit a variety of

rotary floor machines

Item #931501212 15” Diameter

Replacement Wood Blade Kit

Item #ZWDBLD50R6 6 Blades/Kit $389.35 /EA $171.00 /KT Item #HEX1764CLT

with 6 Diamond Segmented Pads


with 12 Carbide #3 Cutter Pins

$1,691.75 /EA

Hexplate™ with

Superclutch™, 15” Wheel

• Super Clutch™ will disengage if the Hexpin®

Plate hits an obstruction (i.e. bolts)

• Super Clutch™ is self resetting

• Manually resetting torque locks (red tabs)

inside clutch housing will keep clutch

from disengaging

• Protects operator from injury, protects

buffer from damage and keeps buffer

coupler from breaking

• Simply turn off buffer and restart - less downtime

• Easy manual disengagement

• Low-profile design enables the

tool to travel seamlessly over heat

registers carved out in the floor

• Loosen two screws and

replace bad blades

• Replaceable/additional blades,

order (#ZWDBLD50R6) separately

ETC Floor Stripping Pads

Floor Stripping Discs

$8.45 /EA




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