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• 7” Quick-Change

Turbo Grinder

Disc for extremely

aggressive removal

• Ideal for digging

through industrial

strength coverings,


membrane, and

thick epoxies

• Magnetic backing

for use on both 7”

and 10” quick-change

multi-accessory discs

Item #QCPCD1 $199.00 /EA

EDCO® Dyma PCD with

Backing Segment Left-Hand

Floor Grinders & Accessories

Item #57200 $2,785.00 /EA #CWPCD6 $245.00 /EA Item #72030 $325.00 /EA

• 6 third (1/3) round

PCD segments

for aggressive


• Highly effective

for removal of

various coatings

such as epoxy,

glue, mastic,

acrylic, residues

of adhesives and


Dynamic Diamond

PCD Cup Wheel, 7”

EDCO® Diamond

Cup Wheel, 7”


The OMEGA combines impressive high performance with low weight. Grinding concrete is no

problem. The simplistic design of the OMEGA ensures easy operation. The handlebar can be

quickly adjusted for operator comfort and control. Noise and vibration levels are minimal during

normal operation. The compact dimensions and low weight of the OMEGA allow it to pass through

all doors and be easily transported to every floor level, even balconies. Great for edge grinding,

eliminating the need for angle grinders. The OMEGA can grind within a few millimeters of a wall.

Operating the OMEGA with a suitable dust collector ensures dust free operation.

CONTEC Omega Floor Grinder

• Grinding of concrete, steel, asphalt and more

• Removal of paint and coatings

• Edging work in buildings

• Cleaning and maintenance of form work

• Cleaning of floors

• Preparation of concrete

Technical Data:

Max Working Width: 11.4”

Motor: 5 hp

Voltage: 230 V, Single phase, 21 Amps

Dimensions: 38” x 30” x 13”

Weight: 143 lbs

$5,030.00 /EA

EDCO Magna-Trap™ 7″

Turbo / Edge Grinder

• Three-position articulating frame adjustment for

left angle, right angle or straight position grinding

• Four-position dust shroud allows flush

grinding against any vertical surface in the

left angle, right angle or straight position

• Multiple-position handle assembly allows the

operator to work behind the unit for edge

grinding or in front of the unit and control the

amount of grinding pressure applied

• Adjustable tubular handle construction

provides operator maximum grinding

flexibility and allows for complete

clearance of any vertical surface

• Available with 5.5 HP gasoline

engine or with 2.0 HP electric motor

• Comes standard with Flex

Head Assembly, but is also

available with optional Rigid

Head Assembly for doing gutter work

• New and improved tapered roller bearings

provide less maintenance and longer life

• 40-50 Grit

• Wet or dry grinding

• Feather edging

sidewalks, curbs,

and gutters

• Grinding away heaved,

cracked areas of gutters

and curbs to allow proper

gutter drainage

• Cup wheels can be used

with the Rigid Head or

Flex Head Assembly

The SPP Series Double Row Cup

Wheels are an excellent cost

performance value and are designed

for grinding concrete, masonry and a

variety of other applications. The double

row configuration provides a smoother

finish and more stable platform than

traditional single row cup wheels.

Lackmond Cup Wheel

• Configuration: Double Row

• Application: Concrete, Brick, Block

• Equipment: Hand Grinder; Floor Grinder

• Wet/Dry: Wet / Dry

Item #SPPGC4SN 4" 7/8" - 5/8" Item #SPPGC4DN 4" 5/8"-11 Thread Item #SPPGC4.5SN 4½" 7/8" - 5/8" Item #SPPGC4.5DN 4½" 5/8"-11 Thread Item #SPPGC5SN 5" 7/8" - 5/8" Item #SPPGC5DN 5” 5/8”-11 Thread Item #SPPGC7SN 7" 7/8" - 5/8" Item #SPPGC7DN 7" 5/8"-11 Thread $33.90 /EA $36.90 /EA $43.55 /EA $54.45 /EA $57.45 /EA $60.50 /EA $76.80 /EA $97.95 /EA






Toll Free




• Leaves a textured

concrete surface

• Grind concrete and

or remove coatings