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Ermator Vacuums

Ermator S13 Single-Phase

HEPA Dust Extractor

• 120V single motor HEPA Dust

Extractor can be connected to

electrical, hand-operated power

tools to extract freshly cut,

friable concrete dust

• The model S13 is also an

effective all-around construction

vacuum for picking-up a wide

range of building materials and


• Comes with 16-foot, 1.5” hose,

wand and floor tool

• Includes a 6 mil, 10-gallon

disposable poly bag for

dust-free handling and disposal

Item #200900058A $1,490.00 /EA

Pullman Ermator W70P

Slurry Vacuum w/ Pump

• Powerful wet cleaner with a 15 gallon

tank and evacuation pump

• Emptying is carried out via a valve

• The oil-cooled pump can handle

concrete sludge, oils and cutting fluids

• Equipped with a coarse separation

basket and wet suction bag

• The combined filter/float system

protects the motor

• Pumping out can take place at

the same time as suction

• Equipped with a large bottom valve

for simple cleaning

• The wheels are of the “non-marking type”,

puncture-free and lockable at the front

Item #201000032C $2,770.00 /EA Item #200900059A

S26 HEPA Concrete Dust Extractor,

Single Phase, 120V

Unlike low cost homeowner vacuums, Ermator HEPA Dust Ex-

tractors are equipped with tested and certified HEPA filters that

trap the most dangerous-to-breathe dust particles and prevents

them from being released in the air. A HEPA Dust Extractor not

only exhausts perfectly clean air, it is far more efficient for the

fast recovery of bulk dry dust, debris and other building materi-

als found on every construction, abatement and restoration job

site. They can also be connected to electrical power tools to

extract the freshly cut and friable concrete dust, considered to

be the most hazardous to construction workers. It's time for you

to stop using an ordinary vacuum and step-up to the innovation,

performance and the power of a Ermator HEPA Dust Extractor.

The S26 is a powerful dust separator suitable for applications

involving fine dust. It can handle building, grinding, plaster and

concrete dust. It is equipped with a fine filter (flushable) and

an H13 filter which meets the asbestos requirements. An hour

counter and vacuum meter for filter control are standard.

Like all Ermator Dust Extractors, model S26 is equipped

with Jet Pulse filter cleaning, "drop-down" dust collection in

Longopac at 20 m plastic bags, and tested and certified HEPA

filters. The wheels are of the "non-marking type", puncture

tree and lockable at the front. Supplied complete with cleaning

equipment and transport protection.

$2,770.00 /EA




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