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Omega HEPA Abatement Vacuum




• Works great for cleaning pipe

dust, content work (fire), mold

remediation, vacuuming off suites

after decon job, removing silicone

dust from cement jobs after

drilling, environmental testing,

forensic work and core sampling

• Filter changes easy, clean and safe

• Complete with all accessories shown

• Features a self-contained HEPA filter

system that captures hazardous

particles as small as 0.3 microns at

99.97% efficiency

• Hose and filter plugs for safety

• Powerful, portable and quiet

1,000 hour motor

• Features over-heat protection

Pullman-Holt Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum

with Power Tool Outlet, 120V

• Single motor HEPA vacuum with plug

for power tool

• Includes electric auto filter shaking sys-

tem, and suction power is adjustable

• Wet and dry HEPA vacuum with dual,

individually tested and certified HEPA

filters, 99.99% at 0.3 microns

• Outlet for power tools

• Vacuum will start and stop on demand

from the power tool

Item #200800018A

S25 7 Gallon Tank

Item #200800094A

S50 14 Gallon Tank





EDCO® 200 CFM Dust Control

Vacuum System w/ Connector

Item #ED333125K

9 Gallon Tank



• Electric 110 volt 16 amp dual motor with 3.2 HP

• 13 sq. ft. of micro clean filter area

• 3 year filter guarantee

• Cast-composite material guaranteed for life

• 2” x 25’ hose

• Comes standard with wand kit for floor cleaning

• For use indoor and outdoor working environments

• Collects dust and debris from

construction equipment

• Dust control in wood, welding shops, drywall

contractors, powder paint booth systems, etc.

• Lead paint removal

• 35” H x 20” W x 32” L

• Meets and exceeds OSHA respiratory standards

• 7-second delay on the vacuum shut-off ensures

that all dust is emptied from the hose

• Variable speed on the vacuum motor allows the

operator to adjust the amperage and suction

power according to circuit breaker capacity

• Automatic filter shaking system. A sensor indi-

cates if a filter is clogged and starts shaking the

filter immediately after the vacuum shuts off

• Compact design makes it easy to transport,

carry and to store in vans and trucks

HydraMaster Portable Water Extractor

Item #FLOODKING(color)

• Power Cord: 25 ft., 12 gauge, 3-wire

hospital grad plug

• Power Consumption: 13 Amps

• Recovery Capacity: 9 gallon

• Vacuum Intake Hose: 2" x 25'

• Vacuum Motors: Two 3-stage vacuums

• Waterlift/CFM: 100"/170 CFM

• Air Watts: 520 AW (in operational range)

HydraMaster 2” Flood Extractor Evolution Wand

Item #FEW16



• Lightweight design with a built-in

glide holder and Delrin™ acetal glide,

reducing fatigue on the operator



• Overflow Protection: Electronic float I Auto ON/OFF

• Discharge Pumps: Two diaphragm bilge pumps

• Discharge Hose: One 3/4" x 50'

• Discharge Rate: 10.5 GPM

• Filter System: One 80 micron polyester mesh

strainer at the water inlet to the recovery tank

• Two 50 mesh S/S filters in recovery tank

• Two 50 mesh S/S screens in-line

• 2” diameter, light weight vacuum is

designed to fit the 2” vacuum hose

• Durable, yet lightweight




of Safety Products and Much, Much More!




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• Red

• Black

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