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BW Chassis Mid-Sized Ride-On Surface

Preparation Machine, Standard Model

• Features a removable dust

containment box with wheels

for ease of dumping

• One handed operation controls

for raising and lowering heads,

grinder speed and diamond/shot


• Interchangeable heads give you

the mobility and versatility to

switch applications in minutes

• The Tier 4 diesel engine is

in compliance with emission

standards in all 50 states

Item #SCB1200K $37,490.00 /EA

BW Shotblast Head Attachment for

SCB-1200 Surface Prep Machine

• Delivers a feathered blasting

edge which enables each

successive path to overlap

without excessive penetration,

omitting the “striping effect”

• The finished surface is ideal

for thin-set applications, clear

coatings, as well as having the

power to give you an aggres-

sive blast profile when needed

Item #BH12 $6,925.00 /EA

BW Scarifier Head Attachment for

SCB-1200 Surface Prep Machine

• Self-leveling, automatically

adjusting itself to different con-

tours of the floor or pavement

• You will achieve an accurate

removal of thin mill coatings to

1/4” overlays

• With quick change cages you

can go from steel to carbide

cutters as well as different

cage widths in minutes

Item #SC12 $7,725.00 /EA

BW Diamond Grinder/Polisher Head Attachment

For SCB-1200 Surface Prep Machine

• Designed for coating

removal to high gloss

polishing on totally dry


• A floating grinding head

and specially designed

shroud keeps the

machine virtually dust

free when connected

to the SCB-1200, while

removing all material off

the surface and reducing

clean-up costs and effort

Item #DG25 $8,998.00 /EA


• Non-marking tires

• 24.8 hp Kubota

D902-E3B Tier 4

diesel engine

• Hydrostat drive

• Manual steering

• 4.5 CFM compressor

Interchangeable head options:

• (BH12) Shotblast

• (DG25) Diamond



• Production capacity -

500 to 1000 SFH

• Cleaning path - 4” to 12”

• Width with attachment - 40”

• Weight - 420 lbs

• Aisle with min. - 54”

• Order (SCB1200K) Chassis

floor machine separately

• Faster production rates,

and a vacuum collector

system that eliminates dust

and removes all material

from the scarified surface

• Ideal for applications such

as: rubber membrane

removal, concrete milling,

line striping and bridge and

parking decks


• Production capacity -

1400 to 2000 SFH

• Cleaning path - 25”

• Width when attached to

machine - 52”

• Weight - 450 lbs

• Diamond life -

6000 to 14000 SF

• Order (SCB1200K) Chassis

floor machine separately

• With twin, one piece 16” rubber

mounted grinding heads that

are adjusted up and down using

air pressure, giving you infinite


• The diamond segments can eas-

ily be interchanged from course

diamonds for coating removal to

fine resin pads for polishing

• Ideal for applications such as:

repair uneven concrete, garage

floors, industrial floors, coating

removal and concrete polishing

• Easy blast wheel

replacement eliminates

costly down time

• Ideal for applications such

as: industrial floors, line

stripes, bridge decks,

airport runways and hangers,

parking decks, steel decking

and highways


• Production capacity -

1800 to 2200 SFH

• Cleaning path - 12”

• Width with attachment - 36”

• Weight - 375 lbs

• Aisle width min - 54”

• Order (SCB1200K) Chassis

floor machine separately

• 1480 CFM vacuum

• 3.8 cubic ft collector capacity

• 54” blastable/aisle width min.

• 81” L x 35” W x 54” H

• 1200 lbs total weight

(Chassis Only)

• (SC12) Scarifier

• All head attachments

sold separately

Shotblasters & Surface Preparation


of Safety Products and Much, Much More!