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1721 Niagara Street

Buffalo, New York 14207

Pullman-Holt Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum

with Power Tool Outlet, 120V

• Single motor HEPA vacuum with plug

for power tool

• Includes electric auto filter shaking sys-

tem, and suction power is adjustable

• Wet and dry HEPA vacuum with dual,

individually tested and certified HEPA

filters, 99.99% at 0.3 microns

• Outlet for power tools

• Vacuum will start and stop on demand

from the power tool

Item #200800018A S25 7 Gallon Tank Item #200800094A S50 14 Gallon Tank $631.40 $726.95

EDCO® 200 CFM Dust Control Vacuum System

with Connector & 2” x 25’ Hose, 9 Gallon Capacity

Item #ED333125K 9 Gallon Tank $3,125.00

• Electric 110 volt 16 amp dual motor

with 3.2 HP

• 13 sq. ft. of micro clean filter area

• 3 year filter guarantee

• Cast-composite material guaranteed

for life to not crack

• 200 CFM

• Comes standard with wand kit for

floor cleaning

• For indoor and outdoor working environments

• Collects dust and debris from construction


• Dust control in wood shops, welding shops, drywall

contractors, powder paint booth systems, etc.

• Lead paint removal

• 35” H x 20” W x 32” L

• Meets and exceeds OSHA respiratory standards

Item #PB1050 $2,875.00

Pulse-Bac® Model 1050 176 CFM, 20 Gallon Vacuum

• Includes 1050 head, 20 gallon tank, extra filters, halo, 2” x 25’ hose,

dolly system, 25’ extension cord

• 20 gallon tank is a great option when needing a compact and

durable unit

• 10 gallon detachable, 5 caster dolly and durable 16 gallon cold-rolled

steel tank are powder coated to prevent rust

• HEPA Filtration (99.97% at 0.3 microns) at a flow rate up to 176 CFM

• General cleanup of commercial properties, vacuuming hard

surfaces or carpets, but is designed to collect, capture and control

dust generated by hand-held power tools, surface preparation

equipment and manufacturing machinery

• Revolutionary design in vacuum

filtration automatically flushes the

filters clear while you work, keep-

ing the filters clean and suction

consistent, using only ambient air

and vacuum; stopping the filters

from facing with dust or debris

and clogging during operation

• 7-second delay on the vacuum shut-off en-

sures that all dust is emptied from the hose

• Variable speed on the vacuum motor allows the

operator to adjust the amperage and suction

power according to circuit breaker capacity

• Automatic filter shaking system. A sensor indi-

cates if a filter is clogged and starts shaking the

filter immediately after the vacuum shuts off

• Compact design makes it easy to transport,

carry and to store in vans and trucks