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CONTEC Chisel Holder

Designed specifically for use with The Bull floor scraper/stripper.

This Chisel Holder Adapter is designed to hold the Tile Chisel

(#27086950) and the Power Tile Chisel (#27086924). Replaces

the top blade jaw of The BULL.

Item #27101800 $209.20 /EA

CONTEC Tile Chisels

These tile chisels are used in conjunction with the Chisel Holder

(#27101800). Used for removing floor covering, hardwoods/

parquet, and ceramic type materials. The 2” Tile Chisel

(#27086950) is a wider chisel great for regular and difficult jobs.

The 1” Power Tile Chisel (#27086924) is for extremely difficult jobs.

For use with THE BULL Floor Scraper/Stripper, sold separately.

Item #27086924 (1” Power Tile Chisel) Item #27086950 (2” Wide Tile Chisel) $31.00 /EA

CONTEC Transport Wheel Attachment

This transport wheel attachment, for The BULL, replaces the

upper blade jaw of The BULL to simplify transportation.

Item #27100000 $141.35 /EA $44.00 /EA

CONTEC Dust Extraction Set

This dust extraction complete set, for The Bull, attaches to

separate external dust collector. The dust port mounts directly

over the blade jaw of The Bull.

Item #27101750 $175.30 /EA






Accessories For Bull US

The BULL Floor Stripper/Scraper Machine

Item #BULL US $13,900.00 /EA

CONTEC U-Shape Sharp Bull Blade

Sharpened wings eliminate

pre-cutting of floor covering

being removed. Sharpened edge

down. Designed for removals

over softer sub-floors.

Item #27358015US 13.78” x 3.2” x 0.06” $20.00 /EA

CONTEC Bull Blade 27-45-80-25

Increased width blade,

17.7”. Designed for increased

production rates on less

difficult removals.

Item #27458025 17.7” x 3.2” x 0.098” $36.00 /EA

Blades For Bull US

Great For Removing:

• Glued Down Carpet

• Sheet Goods

• Rubber Flooring and LVT

Designed specifically for use with The Bull floor

scraper/stripper. Great for removing some or all of

these floor coverings: glued down carpet, sheet

goods, rubber flooring, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT),

Vinyl Asbestos Tile (VAT)/Vinyl Composition Tile

(VCT), hardwoods and parquet. Order (#BULL

US) The Bull Floor Stripper/Scraper separately.

Great For Removing:

• Glued Down Carpet

• Sheet Goods

• Rubber Flooring and LVT

CONTEC Bull Blade 27-75-03-062-US

Narrow width blade. An excellent

all around blade. Designed for

tougher removals when used on


Item #277503062US 7.5” x 3” x 0.062” $14.90 /EA

Great For Removing:

• Glued Down Carpet

• Sheet Goods

• Rubber Flooring and LVT


• Hardwoods and Parquet




The BULL excels at floor covering removals due to its superior engineering, refined design, and combination

of weight, power, and ram action. Its ability to remove floor coverings seems limitless. Commercial carpets,

sheet goods, VCT, hardwood, and parquet, rubber flooring, coatings, membranes, sport surfaces and most

ceramic tile are well within The BULL’s capabilities. Our engineers have designed this machine for superior

performance, while focusing on the longevity of all working components.

• Unique self propulsion can be used

either manually or in automatic mode

• Ram action is a direct drive application

• Brushless motors

• Height adjustable and vibration

dampened handle maximize

operator comfort

Technical Data:

Max Working Width: 14”

(Available): 17.7”

Motor: 1.5 hp

Voltage: 110 V, 60Hz, 16.4 Amps,

3,530 rpm

Dimension: 43.3” x 35.4” x 15”

• Stable, balanced lifting point

• Inboard weights are adjustable

to three positions, ensuring

maximum blade pressure for

difficult removals

• Removable weights and well

balanced design enhance


Floor Strippers & Scrapers




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