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ELEPHANT® Mobile Shotblaster

• Compact design ensures easy transport

• Can be used where only single phase power is available, both

residentially and commercially: restaurants, garages and offices

• Low machine height for working under racking, scaffolding, and

work benches

• Dustless operation with a standard industrial vacuum

• Order recommended Dust Collector with HEPA filter (CDC3000H)

and shot blast pellets separately

Item #ELEPHANT230US $10,740.00 /EA

HORNET® Shotblaster

• Powered by a long life, industrial

strength grinder motor

• Utilizes soft start technology, allowing

the use of a more powerful motor

• Height adjustable handle ensures

operator comfort

• Clear, concise ampere meter helps

ensure consistency

Item #HORNETUS $7,720.00 /EA

The HORNET is a tenacious, yet highly

versatile shotblasting machine. Since it only requires a 110 volt, single phase, 20 ampere circuit,

it is extremely well suited for applications where power requirements are a concern. The unit is

lightweight and highly maneuverable yet still capable of delivering a properly prepared surface.

Technical Data:

Working Width: 8”

Motor: 2.1 kW

Voltage: 110 V, Single Phase, 20 Amps

Dimensions: 33” x 57” x 13”

Weight: 114 lbs

For dust free surface preparation of areas with restricted or limited access. The ELEPHANT

is safe and simple to operate with lightweight and compact dimensions. It is ideal for smaller

contracts which normally cannot be blasted economically. Specifically engineered to blast

close to the wall, minimizing handwork and edging, especially in the corners.

Technical Data:

Working Width 8”

Voltage: 230 V, Single Phase,

22 Amps

Motor: 5 hp

Dimensions: 33” x 35” x 12”

Weight: 177 lbs

CDC 3000 Dust Collector

Item #CDC3000H $5,300.00 /EA

Whether fine dust or coarse materials, the Contec dust

collection systems outperform others in a wide range of

applications. Several models are engineered with the

contact free system which utilizes disposable bags to en-

sure that dust can no longer escape into the environment

at any stage of the removal process. Dust free handling

is especially important when working in sensitive and

hazardous environments. Applications for the Contec dust

collectors include:

• Industrial plants - Paint chip, dirt

and dust suppression/removal

• Construction industry - Superior

dust control for planers, scarifiers,

grinders, saws, shotblasters and

other tooling

• Builders for cleaning - removing

sand and rough material generat-

ed by hand tools

• Maintenance companies - to

remove litter and much more

Technical Data:

Voltage: 220 V

Motor: 5 hp

Dimensions: 62” x 26” x 33”

Weight: 150 lbs

Filter Surface: 20 sq ft

Airflow Max: 300 cu ft/min

Depression Max: 210 mbar

Dust Ports: 2.76”

Capacity: 26 gal

Item #1118991

24” Magnetic Sweeper

with Release

• Push-type sweeper

• 24” sweeping width

• 48” sturdy handle

• 6” diameter

rubber wheels

$194.25 /EA

Shotblasters & Debris Collectors








Toll Free




• Quickly drop col-

lected scrap metal

by pulling back on

the release handle

• Incredibly strong

and well built