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Shotblasters & Dust Collectors

R2D2 Dust Collector

Item #R2D2US $24,300.00 /EA

Technical Data:

Voltage: 460 V, 3 Phase, 10.2 Amps

Motor: 9 hp

Dimensions: 58” x 40” x 20”

Weight: 353 lbs.

Airflow Max: 1,342 cu ft/min

Depression Max: 101.5 mbar

An extremely robust and powerful dust collector. Compressed air is rigorously

and automatically pulsed through the filter cartridges, continually cleaning them to

ensure optimum performance. Engineers from Contec took convenience to the max

when designing this unit by constructing the R2D2 as a two component system.

• Features simplified transportability,

yet while on your job site the units are

easily linked together to establish a

single rolling component

• The power unit is home to all the

electronics and components such as

the ventilator, motor and compressor

• Filter unit includes 5 long life filter

cartridges and the dust containment

system of your choice

• Steel shot can be used with the


350 floor surface machines

• Fast, efficient method for paint

removal from concrete

• Effective in cleaning concrete and

contaminant build-up on concrete floors

$55.00 /BG Item #S390SHOT Item #S460 $53.35 /BG

AMASTEEL Cast Steel Shot Blast

Module 350® Mobile Shotblaster

• Compact design ensures easy transport

• Exclusive “Travel Mode” that

prevents damage to dust skirt during

transportation, loading and unloading

• Long service life on consumables,

reduces operation and consumable cost

• Simplified maintenance

• Order recommended Dust Collector

with bag filter (R2D2US) and shot blast

pellets separately

Item #MODUL350US $39,125.00 /EA

The MODUL 350 offers the ultimate in mobile, dust free blast cleaning. It

is the most versatile and effective surface preparation system available

in it’s class. The unique design and high powered blast motor, combine

for superb performance making it ideally suited for very hard concrete,

coatings, also for steel decks, bridges and tanks.

Technical Data:

Working Width: 14”

Motor: 23 hp

Voltage: 460 V, 3 phase, 36 Amps

Dimensions: 42” x 69” x 22”

Weight: 882 lbs

• Filter unit available in two distinct


• The basic version uses a wheelbarrow

concept available in two different sizes

• The second version collects the dust

in buckets, allowing those to be lined

with disposable bags

• With shot blasting you are able

to remove mill scale, dirt, rust,

other surface contaminants, or

paint removal from concrete

to restore surfaces to their

original state

• 50 lb bag






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