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• Kills germs, cuts grease and deodorizes

• For use on hard surfaces

such as walls, garbage cans,

floors and washable wallpaper

• Ideal for washrooms and kitchens

• EPA registered

• 32 oz spray bottle

Item #75352

Lysol All-Purpose

4-in-1 Cleaner, 32 oz

Lysol® Disinfectant

Cleaner, Lemon Scent

• Great for cleaning and disinfecting

most nonporous surfaces

• Works well on walls, floors,

restroom fixtures and surfaces,

garbage cans, cabinets, glazed

tile, enamel and glazed porcelain

• Concentrated formula can

be diluted to make up

to 64 gallons of cleaner

• (4) 1 gallon bottles, per case

Item #REC76334 $3.90 /EA $74.75 /CS

Disinfectant Cleaners & Degreasers

CD™ 757 Heavy-Duty

Citrus Degreaser

• Heavy duty, multi-purpose degreaser,

adhesive and graffiti remover

• Non-chlorinated formula

• Cleaning power of solvents to remove

grime, dirt, grease and oil

• Biodegradable cleaner for use in general

• Maintenance, public buildings, transit sys-

tems, restrooms, locker rooms and schools

• Shake well before using

• 16 oz

• 12 cans per case

Item #AS175 $9.35 /CN

LPS G-49 Orange

Degreaser Low VOC

• Reduced VOCs (Volatile

Organic Compounds)

• Conforms to the VOC reg-

ulations of CARB (Califor-

nia Air Resources Board),

OTC (Ozone Transport

Commission) and LADCO

(Lake Michigan Air Direc-

tors Consortium)

• Instant cleaning action,

no residue

• Excellent for removing

grease, grime, oil, and


• High solvent strength

Item #06420 $15.20 /CN

Mr. Clean Multi-Surface

Antibacterial Cleaner

• Cleaner removes soils with ease

and kills 99 percent of bacteria

• Effective cleaner for finished

floors, walls, appliances, sinks,

counter-tops, toilets and fiberglass

• Especially useful for trouble spots

like pet areas and diaper pails

• Easy-to-grip, pour bottle

• Summer citrus, 28 oz

Item #80573 $3.60 /BT

Microban® Disinfectant

Spray Plus

• Protects against germs and odors on

virtually any surface

• Antimicrobial action kills allergy and

disease-causing germs, bacteria,

fungi, mold, and mildew

• Suitable for use on carpets, upholstery

and mattresses

• Used for decontamination applications

including sewage backups, removal of

carcasses, and more

• Ready-to-use formula

$39.75 /EA $102.70 /EA Item #221522000 1 gal Item #221523000 5 gal



Item #224002000

1 gal

Microban® X-590

Institutional Spray

• X-590 kills nuisance insects, mold,

mildew and bacteria odors

• Water-based bactericide, fungicide,

deodorant, insecticide for use on

furniture, mattresses, and carpet

• Includes a tracer, which is especially

important when proving compliance

with local regulations for

mattress treatment

• EPA-registered for spray application

• Transparent yellow liquid

• pH: 6.5-7.5

$62.20 /EA Item #221552000 1 gal

Microban® BotaniClean

Antimicrobial Cleaner

• No PPE required

• Clean, disinfect and

deodorize hard sur-

faces in one easy step

• Suitable for use in

trauma scene cleanup

• EPA Category IV rat-

ing, which means no

"warning" or "danger"

labels required

• No additional rinsing

or wiping required*

• Approved for use on

food contact surfaces*

• Mild, pleasant

fragrance without

harsh fumes

• Excellent alternative

to Methyl Ethyl

Ketone (MEK)

• Ideal for cleaning


• Not a Hazardous Air

Pollutant (HAP)

• No ozone depleting

compounds (ODC)

• NSF® registered

category code C1,

registration #142147

• Inverta Spray Valve

• 15 oz can




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