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Foster® Clean, Kill & Coat

Disinfectant Cleaner

$74.50 $36.50 Item #4090F 1 gallon Item #4080F 5 gallons

Foster® Duct Liner

Insulation Sealer

• Non-flammable when wet and

fire resistive when dry

• Dry film stays flexible and

moisture resistant

• Will not cause flash rusting

on metal surfaces

• Formulated to maintain excellent

resistance to the deteriorating

effects of fungus or molds

$184.90 Item #4023F 5 gallons

Foster® Premium Mold

Resistant Coating

• Industry’s leading EPA registered,

antimicrobial coating for HVAC ducts

• Formulated to effectively prevent the

spread of mold and odor causing

bacteria on its surface in areas, such as

walls, ceilings, pipes and interior/

exterior surfaces of HVAC duct systems

• Polyacrylate copolymer emulsion

specifically formulated for long-term

fungicidal activity, with no loss of

activity on aging

• Tough, elastic, decorative finish is

resistant to most industrial chemicals

and it is ultra-flexible to allow for

movement without splitting, which

prevents lodging places for bacteria

$360.25 Item #4020F 5 gallons

Full Defense™ Fungicidal

Protective Coating

$315.85 Item #4025F 5 gallons

Foster® Mold

Resistant Coating

• Low viscosity mold resistant coating

• Water resistant coating

• Specially formulated with select EPA

registered antimicrobial agents to

provide long-term protection against

odor causing bacteria, mold and

mildew growth on its surface

• Can be used over a variety of

surfaces such as wood studs, OSB,

plywood, painted surfaces, wall

board, masonry, and metal

• Covers 300 square feet per gallon

• Fast drying and low odor application

• Easy application with most airless

spray equipment or by brush or roller

• Water-based formulation

$303.65 Item #4050F 5 gallons

Foster Sheer Defense™

Mold Resistant Sealer

• Low viscosity

• Easily applied by hand or with

any type of airless spray system

• Works well on a wide variety of

surfaces: wood, painted surfaces,

wall board, masonry surfaces, metal

• White when wet, but dries to clear finish

• Highly resistant to staining caused

by chemicals, mold or mildew

• Durable acrylic polymer and contains

blocking agents to help protect it

from UV degradation

• Excellent water resistance and

will not blush once fully cured

$356.40 Item #4051F 5 gallons

Mold Coatings & Cleaners

• Disinfectant concentrate can be used as

one-step disinfectant, cleaner, sanitizer,

fungicide, mildew stat, and deodorizer

• Suitable for homes, restaurants,

hospitals, institutional and industrial

that helps to facilities and disinfects

hard non-porous surfaces

• Formulated for use in water damage

restoration situations against odor

causing bacteria on porous and

semi-porous materials including

carpets, drywall, trim and frame lumber

• Easily removes residue and odors

resulting from flood and water

damage and smoke from fires

• Helps to kill residual mold and mildew

• Suitable for protection of surfaces

from mold re-growth

• Designed to provide long term fungicidal

protection in residential and commercial

mold remediation projects because of its

high coverage, breathable coating

• Fungicidal protective coating has low

viscosity, high solids formulation that

allows for easy application

• Offers excellent coverage

and hiding properties

• EPA registered

• Low-odor




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