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Extech Inspector 5-In-1

Pro Moisture Meter

• Extech pinless moisture meter

• Takes contact and non contact moisture

content readings of building materials

• Measures air temperature and humidity

• Calculates dew point and

grains per pound (GPP)

• Features a built in IR thermometer

• Displays WME from 0-99.9, air temp from

-20° to 170° F and %RH from 0 to 99%

• Includes 9 volt battery, remote probe and

carrying case

• One year warranty

Item# MO290 $529.00

Extech Pinless Moisture

Meter, with Memory

• Includes Pin-type probe (MO290-P)

for contact moisture readings

• Manually store/recall up to

20 labeled readings

• Works on multiple wood types

and other building materials

• Simultaneously displays

moisture value of wood or material

being tested, Air Temperature,

IR Temperature, or Humidity

• Built-in humidity/temperature

probe measures Relative Humidity,

Air Temperature plus Grains Per

Pound (GPP)/(g/kg), Dew Point (DP)

and Vapor Pressure

• Temperature (IR - DP) to determine

condensation point

• Programmable high/low moisture

and humidity alarms

Item# MO295 $579.00

Extech MO300: Pinless

Moisture Meter with Bluetooth®

• Integrated Bluetooth® connects with

Android devices to transmit readings

for remote viewing

• Works with free Android App to display

large, easy-to-read values for: Moisture,

Humidity, Temperature, Grains Per Pound

(GPP)/(g/kg), Dew Point, Vapor Pressure,

and condensation point, up to 10m away

• Quickly indicates the moisture content of

multiple wood types and other building

materials with Pinless technology without

damaging the surface; Remote Pin-type

probe allows for contact moisture readings

• Manually store/recall up to 20 labeled

readings or datalog up to 50K readings

using the Android app

• Easy to read, large dual display with

automatic backlight feature and

Fast Analog Bargraph

• Pinless moisture measurement

depth to 0.75” (19mm) below

the surface

• Programmable high/low

Moisture/Humidity alarms

• Designed with an IR circuit

to measure non-contact

surface temperature

Item# MO300 $679.00

Extech Moisture

Detector Drywall Meter

• Pocket size moisture meter with adjustable

pins for wood and building materials

• Features include unique dual LCD displays

wall moisture (0 to 100) and air temperature

(-32° to 122°F or 0 to 50°C) simultaneously

• Moisture content displayed on a relative scale

• Multi-position pins with safety storage of

replaceable pins

• Easy to operate with selectable side switch

(OFF, Test, and Calibrate)

• Data hold to freeze reading on display, and

calibration adjustment for better repeatability

Item# MO100 $81.75

Extech EasyView™ Digital


• Large LCD displays any two

parameters simultaneously

• Data hold, relative, min/max,

programmable power off timer

• Stores up to 99 manual readings

for display recall

• Includes probe with 39” (1m) cable

• Weight: 4.4 lbs

• Dimensions: 8.2” x 4.9” x 2.3”

• 6 AAA batteries included

Item# EA20NIST $364.99

Extech Infrared


• 12:1 compact infrared thermometer with laser pointer

• IR temperature range: -58 to 1200°F (-50 to 650°C)

• High resolution of 0.1° up to 199.9°

• High/Low setpoints with audible alarm

• 0.10 to 1.00 adjustable emissivity

• Built-in laser pointer for easy targeting

• Large backlit LCD display

• Data hold and min/max,

overrange indicator, auto power off

• 9V battery and pouch case

Item#42510A $99.99

• Min/Max and Data Hold,

Auto power off and low

battery indication

• Automatic calculation

of differential

• Automatic calculation of differ-

ential temperature (IR - DP) to

determine condensation point

• Min/Max, Data Hold,

and Auto power off

• Complete with pin

moisture probe (MO290-P)

with 3ft/0.9m cable, 9V

battery and pouch case

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