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Cleaners & Odor Blockers

Professional Dry

Cleaning Sponge

• 6” x 2-7/8” x 1-3/8”

• Dense cellular foam cleans

without water

• Removes dirt, dust, lint, and pet hair

• Can be used on walls, acoustic tile,

lampshades, upholstery, blinds,

and prepares walls for painting

$4.25 Item #DCS60

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser,

Extra Durable

• Looks like a sponge, cleans like magic

• Powerful cleaning with water alone

• Microscrubbers lift and remove dirt all

around your home

• Sold by each, 24 per case

$1.45 Item #16903516

Fiberlock Recon Smoke Odor Sealer

(SOS) Solvent Free and Stain Blocker

• Unlike typical water based coatings that

“wick” smoke odors and stains out of the

substrate as they dry, RECON Smoke

Odor Sealer with OdorLock technology

prevents smoke odors and stains from

migrating through the coating

• This technology provides one coat odor

control on most surfaces and contin-

ues to block odors even with seasonal

changes in temperature and humidity

• SOS are the first smoke sealer that

outperform shellac and solvent-based

sealers that actually permit water-vapor

to breathe out as demonstrated by

independent laboratory testing

• Highly permeable and doesn’t trap moisture

$177.00 Item #30905 5 gallons White Item #30915CL 5 gallons Clear

Sentinel 538 Smoke

and Odor Encapsulant

$39.75 $146.50 Item #ST5381 1 gallon Clear Item #ST538 5 gallons Clear Item #ST538W 5 gallons White

Sentinel 357

Ultrasonic Cleaner

$20.50 Item #ST3571 1 gallon

Sentinel 805 Envirowash

$90.00 Item #805 5 gallons $146.50 $177.00

Sentinel 24-7 Interior Mold and

Mildew Coating with Microban

$242.00 $242.00 Item #247 5 gallons White Item #247C 5 gallons Clear

Sentinel 333 Green

All-Purpose Cleaner

• Environmentally friendly product

• Designed to clean and degrease

indoors and out

• Unique surfactant package allows 333

to be as effective as other products

that contain harmful glycol ethers

• Offers a variety of uses without the

danger of unsafe ingredients

$59.80 Item #33341 1 gallon

• Professional strength, low odor, fast

drying sealer encapsulant used to

seal and lock down odors commonly

found on restoration projects

• On most surfaces a single coat of

Sentinel 538 will lock down odors

• Remains consistent through seasonal

changes of temperature and humidity

• Does NOT contain materials cited in

21 CFR 189 Substances Prohibited

For Use in Human Food

• Specifically formulated and

highly concentrated

• Designed to meet both HUD

Guidelines and Phosphate rules

for Maryland and New York

• Can be used for lead dust and

mercury clean-up and for final

surface preparation of sub-floors

following mastic removal on

asbestos abatement jobs

• Low-odor, high-performance coating

with antimicrobial protection, designed

to inhibit the growth of stain and odor

causing mold, mildew, and other micro

organisms on the coating film

• Excellent for high traffic areas,

it is very durable and scrubbable

• Designed to be used on properly prepared

woodwork, doors, walls, ceilings, plaster,

Sheetrock, concrete and other interior

surfaces, including HVAC ducting

• Not intended for exterior use, or use on

doors, unprimed metal surfaces, or in

highly-corrosive environments

• Professional strength biodegradable

cleaner/ degreaser developed to

remove heavy soils, soot and odors

• Designed for use in soak tanks or

ultrasonic cleaning systems


of Safety Products and Much, Much More!