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of Safety Products and Much, Much More!


Pallet Trucks & Rollers

Jet® Heavy Duty J Series

Pallet Truck

• High quality welded steel

construction allows for

capacities up to 5000 lbs

• 180° turning radius

increases maneuverability

• Easy to use fingertip

controls permit single

handed operation

• Built to handle heavy

duty lifting

• Fork width 6”

• Height: 2½” - 6¼”

Item #151009 $375.00 /EA

Hilman Rollers Kit

• Kit includes 4 bull dollies,

2 steering handles,

and 1 storage case

• The kit capacity is

24 tons, dolly

capacity is

6 tons

• Rollers are


Item #KBSD24P $1,650.00 /ST

Hilman Tri-Glide Rollers

• Low profile, 3 point

load moving system

• Kit is comprised of a

front steering unit and

two rear adjustable units

• 12 ton capacity, 24

nylon wheels, front

unit has swivel

padded top, padded

hand grips and tow eye

Item #KTG12N $2,100.00 /ST

Hilman KRS-8-4S

Roller Kit

• Hilman rollers equipment mover kit

is great for moving small machinery

and they are easy and safe to use

• Just lift the load, set the rollers,

and move

• The KRS-8-4S kit includes

everything you need for all kinds

of heavy equipment moving,

machinery installation and


• Features include 8 ton kit,

4 professional quality rollers,

swivel pads, handles and case

Item #KRS84S $976.00 /ST

Hilman Rollers Set

• Hilman rollers set, with

swivel lock diamond pad

• Moves up to 15 tons

• Set includes four swivel

locking rollers with

diamond steel tops and

two steering handles

• Four preload pads

are also included

• Set weight is 203 lbs

Item #KRS15SLD $1,550.00 /ST

Hilman Rollers Kit

• Hilman roller set with

swivel lock diamond pad

• Will move up to 40 tons

• Set includes 4 swivel

locking diamond steel

tops and 2 steering


• Four preload pads are

also included

• Set weight 219 lbs

Item #KRS40SLD $1,785.00 /ST



• Developed in re-

sponse to a growing

demand for floor

protection when

moving heavy loads

over smooth, painted,

finished or specially

coated floors

• Overall

height is 4’

Triple Wall Gaylord Box

• Corrugated container, pallet and

bags system for the storage

and transportation of materials

• Holds up to 2500 lbs

• 36” x 36” x 36” triple

walled construction

• Ships and stores flat

• Full flap top and bottom

Item #GB333 $38.90 /EA

2-Way Pallet for

Gaylord Box

• Size will vary

$8.85 /EA

Gaylord Box Liners

• 6 mil

• 25 per roll

Item #GB423984

42” x 39” x 84”

Item #GB504284

50” x 42” x 84”

$8.30 /EA $9.10 /EA $19.50 /EA Item #GBPALLET

Wood, Approx: 38” x 38”

Item #4343PLPALLET

Plastic, Approx: 43” x 43”