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Crosby Painter’s Block

Item #601236 $129.45 /EA

Block and


• Made of light

galvanized steel

and aluminum


• Sheaves have

bronze bushings

Block / Tackle, Self-Locking Item #H267 Block / Tackle w/o Ropes and Hooks Item #267 Block / Tackle w/o Ropes & Hooks, w/ Eye Item #268KL Block / Tackle Self-Locking with Eye Item #H268 $46.35 /EA $42.60 /EA $53.75 /EA $55.65 /EA

• HS130B 6” painter’s supply

blocks for 3/4” manila rope

• Single sheave blocks

• Meets or exceeds all

requirements of ASME

B30.26 including identifica-

tion, ductility, design factor,

proof load and temperature


• Latch hook fitting

• Self lubricating

bronze bushed bearings

• Made with galvanized steel

• These blocks meet other

critical performance

requirements including

fatigue life, impact

properties and material

traceability, not addressed

by ASME B30.26

Little Mule Model 300A

Lineman’s Hoist

• Lightweight and rugged

strap hoist puller

• Includes regular hooks

• Overload protection handle

bends to warn of hazard-

ous condition and prevents

dangerous overload

• 360° swiveling hooks

equipped with latches for

positive load engagement

• Positive load holding in

all environments

• Double, interlocking

pawl mechanism

assures one pawl is

engaged at all times

• 1500 lb capacity

Item #300A $462.40 /EA

Little Mule Nylon

Ratcheting Hoist

• This lightweight and

rugged lineman’s hoist

is easy to operate with

an extra measure of


• Durable and portable,

corrosion resistant

• Has fiberglass handle

and polyester webbing

Item #322DHB $514.25 /EA

1 Ton Coil

Chain Hoist

• The handle and sheave hous-

ings on this hoist are made

of lightweight high-strength

heat-treated aluminum

• All working parts are fully en-

closed in the housing unit to

protect the hoist mechanism

and to cover the gearing for

worker safety

• The handle swings to either

side allowing operator to

reach overhead or below

chest level to operate hoist

Item #3011S $598.45 /EA

Side Opening Block w/

Swivel Hook & Safety Snap

• Block and sheave con-

structed of rugged nylon

fiberglass reinforced

high dielectric material

• Reinforced 1/2” diameter

axle and swivel bearings

• Blocks are rated with 3-1

safety factor

Item #3550BLOCK $128.10 /EA

• Lightweight and rugged

cast aluminum and

zinc alloy housings

• Corrosion resistant stainless

steel springs and shafts

• Reduced wear through

rotating shafts are mounted

on bronze bushings

• Meets minimum 4:1

designfactor and all

requirements of


Standard B-30.21

• All units tested at

125% of rated load

• 9’ lift and hook

• The hot stick hook

and gate latch have rings

on the latch and the hook

for use on energized lines

• Holding sticks easily ma-

neuver the latch and hooks

• 22” and 26” hook to hook

• Chain is high-strength

alloy steel

• Load hooks are forged steel

with gate type latches

• Both top and bottom

hooks swivel 360°

• Allows for unwinding

action of rope or stranded

cable under tension

• Lift: 5-1/2’

• Weight: 14 lbs

• 3” sheaves - block

can accommodate

rope up to 5/8”


• Working load limit

1,000 lbs

Klein Grip-Cleaning Brush Set

• Set of four stiff wire-bristle brushes

• Designed for cleaning Klein wire and

cable pulling grips

• Available in round and square shapes

and two lengths for efficient cleaning

of different jaw configurations

• Semi-flexible steel shafts set into

comfortable wooden handles

Item #25450K $62.10 /ST

Hoists & Pullers

• Power tools: electric and battery powered • Pneumatic tools: staplers, nailers, rivet busters, pavement breakers • Hydraulic tools: crimpers, cutters, chain saws, breaker hammers • Gas equipment: generators, compressors, pressure washers, water pumps, trash pumps • Gas & powder actuated tools: framing nailers, .25/.27 caliber powder actuated tools We repair: • All brands and makes with a Quick Turnaround! • Milwaukee, Hitachi, and STIHL as a factory authorized warranty repair center We service: