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716.874.4686 RS3PACK $169.00 /PK Item #

RuptureSeal™ 2” Quick Response Seal

RS2RS $52.50 /EA

RuptureSeal™ 1” Quick Response Seal

RS1RS $42.50 /EA

RuptureSeal™ 2” x 6”

Quick Response Seal

RS2X6 $86.25 /EA

RuptureSeal™ RS-2 are 2” medium circular seals,

ideal for plugging punctures up to 2” in diameter.

RuptureSeal™ RS-2X6 is a 2” x 6” rectangular/ forklift

puncture seal, ideal for plugging punctures up to 6” in

length and 1/4” to 2” wide.

RuptureSeal™ RS-1 are 1” circular seals,

ideal for plugging punctures up to 1” in diameter.

Item # Item # Item #

RuptureSeal™ Seals

Deployed in less than 10 seconds to stop a leak dry for up

to 10 hours. RuptureSeal™ is a revolutionary new way to

safely seal ruptures in tanks, drums, transport vehicles,

boats and containers of any size. The RuptureSeal™ RS-3

is a starter seal kit, ideal for plugging punctures as small as

5/32” up to 4” in diameter and 6” in length. RuptureSeal ™

RS-3 contains three seals that are all temporary measures

intended to last upwards of 10 hours in the rupture.

Kit includes:

• (1) 1 inch small circular seal

• (1) 2 inch medium circular seal

• (1) 2 inch x 6 inch rectangle forklift puncture seal

NPS Spilfyter®

TidyMat Traffic Rug

• These industrial heavy weight

rugs are designed for use in high

traffic areas and walkways

• Needle punched construction

offers extreme durability and is

resistant to tearing and shredding

• Can easily absorb oil, water,

solvents, and coolants

• Great to use as aisle liners,

antifatigue mats, workbench

liners and sorbents

• 36” x 100’ roll

$205.00 /RL Item #TR90 Heavyweight Item #TR91 Mid-weight Polyback $191.00 /RL

Spill Control & Sorbent Products

Item #UQESR150 (2)15” x 150’ 39 gallon Item #GFF91 (2)15” x 150’ 50 gallon Item #7815 (1)30” x 150’ 50 gallon $96.75 /CS $100.00 /BG $149.00 /RL

Universal Bonded Fine

Fiber Sorbent Rolls

• Control oversprays

and spills with

excellent absorbency

• Keep floors clean,

dry, and safe

• Grunge hiding gray for

universal applications

• Ultrasonic weld points

to keep them fully intact

$99.00 /EA $59.75 /EA $16.00 /EA Item #1PMP 1 lb Item #4PMP 4 lb tub Item #8PMP 8 lb tub

Plug-N-Dike Sealer

• Unique polymer and mineral based

product instantly seals leaks

• Non-toxic material that immediately

forms a tight temporary seal

against fuels and chemicals

• Applies directly over the leak

without surface preparation

• Even sticks to dirty, rusty

or greasy surfaces

• Not recommended for use with

acids, caustics or oxidizers

• Pre-mix is ready to use right

from the tub

Spilfyter® Oil Only

Drum Sorbent Pad

• For use on petroleum based liquids

• Precut hole allows drum top to

conform onto the drum head

• Double weight sheet, 22” diameter,

25 drum top pads per case

$75.00 /CS Item #M76

• Made of meltblown

polypropylene fibers

• Dimpled for added strength

Spilfyter® Gap Seal

• Gap seal quickly plugs leaks or drips

• Easy to use, just press putty over and

around the puncture to stop the flow

• Pre-mixed for quick, easy application

• Gap Seal for Hydrocarbons works

well on organic solvents and other

water-insoluble liquids

• Gap Seal Universal is designed for a

variety of liquids including acids,

caustics and other water soluble liquids

$18.25 /BX Item #780204 Hydrocarbons 1 lb Item #790204 Universal 1 lb Item #780150 Hydrocarbons 50 lb $32.30 /BX $94.20 /BX