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Sorbent Pillows & Socks

Oil Only Sorbent Sock

• Designed to selectively pick up oils

and any liquid that will float on water

• Works on land as well as on water

• Made of polypropylene and will repel

water and float

• Ideal for use around machinery,

keeps floors slip-resistant

• Polyester casing allows for stretching and shaping

• Indoor/outdoor use

• Absorbs over 15 times its own weight in

petroleum based liquids

Item #3404 3” x 4’ 12 per case Item #300308 3” x 10’ 6 per case $3.25 /EA $16.70 /EA

Oil Only Sock in Net Sorbent Boom

• Sorbent booms are contained in a white

fish netting sleeve which enables greater

oil penetration and easy saturation

• The strategically placed hooks allow you to

form a boom chain of any length

• When in use the boom forms a floating mi-

gration barrier to contain oil spills on water

• These booms absorb any oil and

hydrocarbon while repelling water

• Will continue to float while fully saturated

and the contained absorbent makes

clean-up quick and easy

• These premium sorbents allow for extended

use with high durability and low lint

$19.50 /EA Item #SN510 5” x 10’ Item #SN810 8” x 10’ $29.60 /EA

Brady® Bilge Boom,

8” x 18”, 10/Bale

• Chemical resistant

• Lint-free sorbent, large bilge boom

• Used for spills of oil base or solvent

base liquids

• Suitable for applications such as

outfalls and discharge ponds

• 28 gallons per bale absorbency

• 10 per bale

• Sold by the bale

$120.45 /BL Item #SPC818

Oil Absorbent

Pan Pillows

$139.80 /CS Item #M111

• Designed for

leak-prone equipment

• Replacement pillow part number M61

• 12 pans and 24 pillows per case

• Pillows and pans measure 10” x 10”

• Plastic pan contains liquids

Hazmat Sorbent Pillow

• Hazmat pillows are great to use

when the liquid is aggressive or

unknown as a "no decision" response

• Covers a large surface area with

high capacity and fast wicking filler

• Its compact design absorbs

spills in tight spaces

• Great to use under leaks and machines

• High durability allows for extended use

• Helps contain spills and prevent

migration, which can make

cleanup quick and easy

Item #S266 8.5” x 17” Item #S262 18” x 18” Item #S261 10” x 10” $5.75 /EA $9.25 /EA $4.90 /EA

Maintenance Sorbent

Socks, 3” x 4’

Item #2440 Tube Item #2540 Corn Cob $3.05 /EA $2.90 /EA

• Sock absorbs oil, water, coolants

and solvents

• Perfect moldable application for

continuous maintenance leaks

• The recycled fiber fillers are BTU

rich for multiple disposal options

• No messy cleanup - product is


Hazmat Sorbent Sock

• Use these hazmat socks when the

liquid is aggressive or unknown as a

“no decision response”

• Encased in a polyester casing which

allows for stretching around equipment

• Great to wrap around leaky drums,

tanks, sinks, and even around machine

bases for leak protection

• They surround spills to prevent spreading; containment

makes clean-up quick and easy

• High durability allows for extended use and the yellow

color is highly recognized as the universal “caution” color

$224.00 /CS Item #S234 3” x 4’ 40/case Item #S230 3” x 4’ 15/case Item #S237 3” x 10’ 6/case $106.50 /CS $74.10 /CS

Specialty Spill Control,

Dry Base Neutralizer

• Effectively neutralizes

and adsorbs: sulfuric

hydrochloric, phosphoric

and nitric acids spills

• Not recommended for


• Please see

for more info

$220.00 /BX Item #450040 Item #440040 $121.45 /BX


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