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CMC Rescue Static-Pro Rope

• An extremely low-stretch

kernmantle rescue lifeline

constructed of 100% high-

tenacity polyester fiber

• Excellent choice for high lines,

long rappels and many mechani-

cal advantage haul systems

• Its low electrical conductivity

has advantages when

working on towers or charged

electrical equipment

Item #281200FT White/Blue Stripe Item #281201 Orange/White Stripe Item #281202 Blue/White Stripe Item #281203 Red/White Stripe Item #281207 Yellow/White Stripe $1.40 $1.65 $1.65 $1.65 $1.65

New England MultiLine II Ropes

• New England’s most popular

3-strand bull rope

• Composite rope made of polyes-

ter yarns wrapped around a core

of polyolefin in each strand

• Spun polyester is added to the

surface for better grip and chafe


Item #7300-20-150 5/8” Diameter, 150’ Item #7300-20-600 5/8” Diameter, 600’ Item #7300-24-150 3/4” Diameter, 150’ Item #7300-24-600 3/4” Diameter, 600’ $135.00 /SP $630.00 /SP

New England KMIII Kernmantle Ropes

• A polyester sheath with nylon core

allows for an incredibly smooth

sheath, higher tensile strengths, and

superior handling characteristics

• NFPA and CE1891

approved and certified

Item #330016330 White (330’) Item #33011600300 Red Item #33021600300 Green Item #33031600300 Blue Item #33041600300 Black Item #33051600300 Orange $313.50 /SP $282.25 /SP $282.25 /SP $282.25 /SP $282.25 /SP $282.25 /SP

KMIII Static Kernmantle Ropes

• KMIII static rope is a balanced

construction consisting of a

continuous filament polyester

cover braided over a

unidirectional nylon core

• KMIII is designed to meet

the rigorous requirements

associated with rescue and

rappelling operations

Item #3300-16-100 100’ Item #3300-16-150 150’ Item #3300-16-600 600’ Item #3300-16-1200 1200’ $142.50 /SP $95.00 /SP $531.75 /SP $1,062.50 /SP

CMC Rescue ProSeries®

Reflective RIT Rope, 5.6mm

• High visibility RIT Rope with

Technora® and polyester

sheath has been improved

by adding a strand of highly

reflective 3M™ tape

• The 100% Technora® core

provides high strength in

adverse conditions

Item #292005 $1.25 /FT /FT /FT /FT /FT /FT

CMC Rescue Escape Line

Kernmantle Rope

• Low-stretch kernmantle escape

line rope provides outstanding

performance with its polyester

sheath covering a nylon case

• Large enough for easy handling,

while still compact when stuffed

in a bag or pocket

Item #K05100 $1.15 /FT

CMC Rescue Rope Bags

• Solid performer for years, these popular rope

bags feature a variety of innovative elements

• Contoured backpack-style shoulder straps offer

greater comfort when carrying a heavy bag

• Bag tops are made of rugged pack

cloth for easier closing

• Handles, just inside the top, can be used to

hold the bag open for quicker stuffing or to

carry the bag from the top, haul-bag style

• A soft rubber side-carrying handle is

comfortable on the hand

• The bottom of the bag has a large grommet to

pass the rope through, plus sewn web loops to

tie the rope end off inside or outside of the bag

• These rope bags are all CORDURA® nylon

and features an external web handle

Item #430201 ORG 150’ - 200’ Cap. Item #430205 BLK 150’ - 200’ Cap. Item #430302 BLU 250’ - 300’ Cap. Item #430402 BLU 325’ - 400’ Cap. $98.00 /EA $88.00 /EA $78.00 /EA $78.00 /EA $160.00 /SP $588.00 /SP

• Polyester fibers will not

absorb fibers and have

better resistance to acid

• These ropes are favored

for their excellent hand,

knotability and UV resistance

• UL Classified to NFPA


• Made in the U.S.A

• 1/2” total diameter

• Identified by 2 orange markers

on the surface strand

• Available in 150’ sections, 600’

spools or cut to order

• 7300-20 series is 5/8” diameter

and is 8,200 tensile strength

• 7300-24 series is 3/4” diameter

and is 10,500 tensile strength

• KMIII is dual certified

(CE and NFPA)

• Applications include vertical

lifeline, rappelling, caving, can-

yoneering, work positioning, high

lines, fall protection, and climbing

• White rope with blue tracers

• 1/2” diameter

• Bright orange color provides

high visibility

• UL certified to NFPA standards

• 8.2mm total diameter

• Made in the U.S.A.

• The line is supple enough to pack

easily, but firm enough to feel

against the floor when following

it in low-visibility conditions when

wearing gloves

• 5.6mm diameter

• Best used in applications in

rappelling, caving, rescue, top

roping, fixed rope applications,

hauling and life saving

• 1/2” diameter

• 300’ total length