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of Safety Products and Much, Much More!


Drum Handling

Drum Dollies

Specs for #140120

• Welded steel frame

• Designed for 30 gallon drum

• Supports up to 700 lbs

• Non-marking 3” polyolefin treads resist oil

• 19 lbs, 19¾” inside diameter

Specs for #140121

• Welded steel frame

• Designed for 55 gallon drum

• Supports up to 900 lbs

• Non-marking 3” polyolefin treads resist oil

• 28 lbs, 23-3/4” inside diameter

Item #140120 Item #140121 $69.00 /EA

#52 Drum Clamp Lifter

• Lifts steel drums with or

without heads removed

• Drums can be lifted

from either a horizontal

or vertical position

and then reversed

Item #6410101 $315.00 /EA

EcoPolyBlend™ Spill

Containment Caddy

• Portable indoor/outdoor

caddy with 10” wheels

allows one person to

easily transport a full 55

gallon drum

• Ergonomic design with

tilt/stop feature

minimizes back strain

• Two tension straps hold

a drum securely in place

• A 66 gallon spill sump

contains chemical spills,

eliminating hazards and


• Exclusive open-view sump

design makes cleanup

simple and quick

• EPA, SPCC compliant

Item #28665 $602.05 /EA

Drum Lifter

• Tong-style lifter

• Grips the

drum chime

Item #08801JUST $186.00 /EA $78.00 /EA


Drum Sling

• Ideal for the quick and easy

moving of steel drums

• 1” polyester sling webbing is

rated at 1,500 lbs

• Uses 1/2” oblong link at top for

easy connections to hoist hook

Item #DSH601 $126.00 /EA

• 1/2 ton working

load limit

• Not suitable for

lifting plates of


• Durable 90% recycled

polyethylene construction

provides maximum

corrosion resistance

and leakproof protection

• Meets NFPA standards

Drum Handling Sling

• Provides an easy,

inexpensive way to

handle steel drums

• Lift standing drums

for transport

• Tilt suspended

drums to pour from

open top or spigot

Item #DSV602X24 $51.00 /EA

• Designed for use

with steel ribbed 55

gallon drums with 24”

standard diameter

• 2” heavyweight sling

with wear pad is

rated for 850 lbs

• Allows a 55 gallon drum

to be lifted and moved

with a forklift truck

Below-Hook Drum Carrier,

800 lbs Capacity

• You control drum tilting with chain loop,

360 degrees in either direction

• Full drum up to 800 lbs

• Half-full drum* up to 500 lbs

• These below-hook drum

carriers have a pull chain to

control the drum tilt with a 30:1

gear and sprocket ratio for

pouring drums

• Rated load markings and

unit identification

• Minimum design safety factor of 3,

based on yield strength, for load

bearing structural components

• All welding is in accordance with


Item #185A $737.20 /EA Item #55GLOPEN $42.50 /EA

Reconditioned Steel

Drum, 55 Gallon

• Reconditioned open head steel drum

• Ideal for jobsite trash

• Open top with retaining ring and bolt

• Welding is performed by

certified welders who have

passed the ANSI/AWS D14.1

welding qualification test