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Page Background $18.90 /EA $21.60 /EA $21.50 /EA $26.10 /EA Item #HM550 22” Tapered Clamp Item #HM750 30” Tapered Clamp Item #HM22A 22” Threaded Clamp Item #HM30A 30” Threaded Clamp

• Ideal for uneven floor surfaces such

as grouted tile, non-slip and broadcast

grid floors

• 20 gauge galvanized steel frame

WaterWand™ Heavy

Duty Floor Squeegees



$29.75 /EA $24.60 /EA

Aluminum Handles

$21.90 /EA Item #FAA10 $2.90 /EA $49.75 /EA $49.75 /EA



Aqua Dozer Heavy Duty Squeegees

Item #FN900 36” Straight Item #FN90C 36” Curved $21.75 /EA

Heavy Duty Tapered Head

Curved Floor Squeegee

• Ideal for moving large volumes of water,

mud, and debris

• EPDM rubber which is ideal for use with mastic

removers and other oil based compounds

• 14 gauge galvanized steel construction

Item #324 24” Squeegee




• 14 gauge powder-coated steel frame

• Move large volumes of water, mud,

debris, waste, scraps, slush or snow

and flood clean-up

• Taper tip allows you to connect the handle

to various clamp-style socket squeegees

• No-slip end grip for added control

Item #AL140 56” Tapered Handle Item #AL14A 58” Threaded Handle Item #AL14T 61” 2-in-1, Tapered Threaded Handle

• Easily change your tapered floor squeegee

socket from tapered to Acme threaded

• Compatible so you may use either kind of handle

• Strong nylon unit easily snaps in and out of all

sockets to add maximum versatility

• Threaded insert ensures a secure socket fit

without screws

AquaDozer Acme Threaded

Insert Adapter

• Zinc alloy Acme threaded tip allows you to

connect the handle to Acme thread-style

socket squeegees

• Compatible with all WaterWand Squeegees

• Reinforced zinc alloy handle socket

• Use on coated and uncoated

smooth concrete floors, asphalt

and other smooth surfaces

• Twin foam rubber blades offer

good abrasion resistance and are

designed for water applications

CORE Mastasorb Mastic

Absorbent, 30 lb Bale

• Absorbs asbestos floor

mastic that has been

chemically liquefied

• Fiberized wood based

product absorbs up to ten

times its weight

• One bale of Mastasorb can

solidify up to 2500 square

feet of liquid mastic

Item #MA30 $24.50 /BL

Thrifty-Sorb® Multi-Purpose

Absorbent, 40 lb Bag

• 100% all natural multi-

purpose absorbent

• Naturally cleans up spills

• Highly absorbent and

fast acting

• Absorbs liquids including

most oils, water, mixture of

soluble oils, water, grease,

gas, acids, inks, and paints

• Works on concrete surface

• Easy to use and transport

• 40 lb bag

Item #9767013 $9.60 /EA

Cleaning Rags

• Convenient size

• For a variety of

uses in the

plant, garage

or mainten-

ance shop

• Disposable or


Item #104W 50 lbs $37.50 /BX



of Safety Products and Much, Much More!