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Adhesive Spray & Tape

Item #SA398B $5.75 /CN

CORE Heavy Duty

Spray Adhesive

• CORE all purpose heavy

duty spray adhesive

• Provides quick and

aggressive tack

• High strength, water

resistant and low odor

• Contains no chlorinated


Nashua Spray Adhesive

• Nashua aggressive

spray adhesive

designed for temporary

and permanent bonding

• Excellent for label


• 17 fl oz, 12 oz net weight

Features & benefits include:

• Very quick aggressive tack

• High shear

• Low VOC. Certifications,

LEED - Complies with

VOC requirements under

Credit 4.1 of LEED NC

Item #SA398 $5.75 /CN

Nashua Spray Adhesive

• Nashua deluxe spray adhe-

sive designed for temporary

and permanent bonding

Item #357 $7.15 /CN Item #3002 2” x 60 yds Item #3003DT 3” x 60 yds $8.10 /RL

Nashua Contractor

Grade Silver Duct Tape

CD™ 757 Heavy-Duty

Citrus Degreaser

• Heavy duty, multi-purpose

degreaser, adhesive and

graffiti remover

• This non-chlorinated formula

has the cleaning power of

solvents to remove grime,

dirt, grease and oil

• Ideal as a cleaner

prior to painting

• Leaves a refreshing,

pleasant scent

Item #AS175 $9.35 /CN Item #3982(color) 2” x 180’ Item #3983 3” x 180’ $9.25 /RL

• Excellent for varied uses: seal-

ing insulation and color coding

• HVAC industry for duct and

equipment applications

• High quality maintenance tape

in a variety of manufacturing


• Broad range of applications in

the construction industry

• High quality polyethylene coated

cloth tape conforms well to

irregular surfaces

• Asbestos removal and

polyethylene hanging

• Adheres to a wide variety

of surfaces

• Tears straight, hangs

straight, curl resistant

• Easy unwinding

• 11 mil thick

• Sold by the roll

Nashua® 398 Professional

Grade Duct Tape

• 10 mil poly-coated cloth

• Excellent for general and home repair,

bundling, patching and mending,

conformable with excellent adhesion

• Versatile polyethylene coated cloth tape

• Conforms well to irregular surfaces

• Tears straight, hangs straight,

curl resistant

IPG® Silver

Duct Tape

Item #AC152 48mm x 54.8m Item #AC153 72mm x 54.8m $6.90 /RL

• 8 mil poly coated

• Cloth backing with

a very aggressive

adhesive that bonds

to almost any

surface bundling

and exterminators

$12.15 /RL $10.35 /RL $13.80 /RL

• Good conformability

• For general



wrapping, sealing,

binding and

• An outstanding bio-

degradable cleaner

• For use in general

maintenance, public

buildings, transit

systems, restrooms,

locker rooms and


• Shake well before


• 16 oz aerosol can

• Intended use for

industrial applications

on metal, wood,

plastics, fabrics and


• 10 oz aerosol can

• Ideal for bonding carpet,

paper, cardboard, fabric,

urethane foam, foil to

metal, wood to them-

selves and a variety of

other substrates

• Contains no

Methylene Chloride

• Designed to bond

polyethylene to itself,

concrete block, wood,

and other hard to

bond places

Features & benefits include:

• Fast skin, fast grab

• Low soak in spray adhesive

• Formulated to bond

polyethylene to concrete

block, wood and many

other hard-to-bond pieces

• May be used to bond

carpet and is ideal for

label applications

• Low VOC for

compliance with

state regulations

• May be used for

either permanent or

temporary bonds

• Low VOC. Certifications,

LEED - Complies with

VOC requirements under

Credit 4.1 of LEED NC