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of Safety Products and Much, Much More!


Tape & Staplers

Poly Tape

Item #PE133R48SE 2” Item #PE133R72SE 3”

• 7.0 mil blended

density HD/LD

• The blended

polyethylene offers

more rigidity for

ease of application

$8.45 /RL $10.50 /RL

Painter’s Grade

Blue Tape

Item #PT260

• Quick and easy application

• Extra heavy paper resists tears

• 14 day UV protection

• Medium tack / residue free

• Moisture resistant

• 2” x 180’

IPG® Blue Painter's Tape with

BLOC-IT™ Clean Line Technology

Item #PT14-48 $8.40 /RL

• Specially formulated pressure-sensitive, synthetic

rubber adhesive designed for exposure to sunlight for

up to 14 days

• Exhibits easy, clean removal from most surfaces

• Excellent conformability as well as smooth backing for

superior paint lines and reduced fingertip abrasion

• Consistent, easy unwind and resistant to humidity

and paint bleed-through

• Secure adhesion and is stain-resistant

• Strong enough to hang plastic

sheeting and masking paper

• Can be used on polyurethane-coated,

lacquer and unfinished wood surfaces

ScotchBlue™ Painter's

Multi-Use Tape

Item #209048A

• Delivers sharp paint lines

• Can be used on a variety of surfaces

• Removes cleanly for up to 14 days

and does not cause surface damage,

even when exposed to direct sunlight

• 2” x 180’

Item #DF642 $4.50 /RL $7.50 /RL

Heavy Duty Staple Gun

$23.75 /EA Item #T50M Item #ART50M $28.50 /EA

• All steel construction

• Jam resistant mechanism

• Hardened steel working parts

Item #P35 $26.50 /EA

• Arrow extra heavy duty plier-type

stapler is widely used in stores,

workshops and shipping rooms

• Ideal for stapling boxes, bags, and

tags in professional environments

• Features a comfortable loop

handle grip

• Order staples separately

Arrow Heavy Duty

Plier Stapler

Item #T501/4 1/4” Item #T505/16 5/16” Item #T503/8 3/8” Item #T501/2 1/2” Item #T509/16 9/16” $3.60 /BX $3.35 /BX $3.25 /BX $2.75 /BX $2.70 /BX

Arrow Staples

• Zinc plated steel staples

• 1250 staples per box

• Made in the USA

Hammer Stapler

Item #HT50A $44.00 /EA

• All steel construction

• High carbon hardened

steel working parts

• Jam resistant mechanism

• Precision locked rear loading

• Retractable striking edge

• Specially designed power grip handle

• Durable chrome finish

Poly Tape with

Pinked Edges

• Woven cloth coated with an ultra

aggressive rubber adhesive

• Tightly woven cotton/polyester blend

• White high performance D/C cloth tape

• Sticks to a wide variety of surfaces

• Secures polyethylene film to

brick and cinder block walls

• Used for splicing polysheeting during

fabrication of pressurized environments

• 1¾” x 75’

$10.90 /RL



Super77™ Spray Adhesive

Item #21210 $17.45 /CN

• High tack, high

coverage and fast

drying adhesive

• Bonds quickly in 15 seconds

• For use with lightweight materials

• Low soak-in for long lasting bond

• Permanently attaches foils,

carpeting, lightweight foams,

paper, cardboard, felt and cloth

to painted or unpainted metals,

wood or hardboard

• 16.75 can

• 24 rolls per case

• 2” x 180’

• Classic rear load magazine

• Visual staple refill window

• #T50M - Molded plastic

handle stop and safety lock

• Low residue adhesive

tape is commonly used in

asbestos abatement and

stucco tape applications

• 180’ Rolls