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Barrier Enclosures


of Safety Products and Much, Much More!


Item #SLP2 Extends from 4’7” to 12’ Item #KIT20 Extends from 5’2” to 20’ $119.00 /EA $215.00 /KT

ZipWall® Spring

Loaded Barrier Kit

• Kit includes: Two spring

loaded poles, two heads, two

plates, and two Grip Disks™

• Plastic sold separately

• Plastic used can be

up to 8 mil thick


Task® Quick Support Rods

• EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Foam grip enables

better hold on rod under wet working conditions

• Patented built-in push-lock pin system on

extension tubes which is proven and secured

for safety measures

• Versatile tiltable rubber pads adjust to

different applications at home or job sites

• Supports 132 lbs and can be used for

more than dust barriers, such as

drywall installation, crown moldings,

HVAC, and many more applications

Item #T74490 Range 6’9”-13’3” Item #T74500 Range 5’3” - 10’ Item #T74529 (2) Clamps & (2) Pins $39.70 /EA $24.50 /EA $2.50 /EA Item #AZ2 Item #HDAZ2

• Durable zipper accessory provides

easy access in and out of the ZipWall

dust barrier (HDAZ2)

• Improved zipper features 2-sided

pulls, a very smooth glide action

and easy press-on application

• 7’ long

• HDAZ2 includes a double-bladed

ZipperKnife™ sheeting cutter

that prevents jams

ZipWall® Adhesive Zipper


Poly Hangers 1-4

• Hanger 1 slips behind wall

molding and is supported by the

vertical leg of the molding

• Support poly in front of masonry

or paneling by nailing into a joint

• Hanger 2 clips over the horizontal

leg of acoustic ceiling wall molding

• Prong makes hanging poly faster

and ensures it will stay up during

the length of the job

• Hanger 3 supports poly from ceiling

grid and other overhead objects

• Poly is installed over the pin

and is held in place by a

removable retainer

• Supports poly horizontally

and vertically

• Hanger 4 includes a 10" releasable

cable tie so it can attach to many

different components

#PH1 Slip Behind Wall Molding #PH2 Clips Over Horizontal Leg of Wall #PH3PH Supports Poly from Over Head #PH4 Includes 10” Releasable Cable Ties $2.30 /EA $2.20 /EA $3.45 /EA $3.35 /EA

Zip-Up Twin Zipper

Door, 2/pk

Item #ZIP73TWB

• The original patented peel and

stick Twin Zipper Door makes a

dust barrier door in minutes

• Zippers made with heavy duty blue

reinforced woven poly backing and

special high tack adhesive

• (2) 84” L x 3” W zippers in each box

• Use 1 zipper to make a single

opening or 2 zippers to make

a roll-up door

• Double pull zipper slider allows

door to be opened from both sides

$13.50 /PK Item #FR2 $71.00 /BX

ZipWall® FoamRail

Tapeless Seals

• Once a dust barrier with

ZipWall® poles is erect-

ed, this 4’ bar, with its

soft, spongy edge is at-

tached to a ZipWall pole

and jack and lifted into

place pressing the plastic

sheeting to the ceiling

• Creates an extremely

tight seal without the

need for tape

$16.90 /BX $24.90 /BX

Zip-Up Quick Support Poles

Item #QS40 $50.00 /EA

• Spring loaded telescoping poles with

twist lock adjustment

• Top and bottom pads attach on universal

swivel mounts

• High strength construction can support

up to 80 lbs

• Adjusts from 4½’ up to 12’ in length

• Patented ratchet action secures pole

firmly in place

• Clamp dust barrier to rod

• Use pins to secure dust

barrier to top foot

• 2 per box