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PAPR and Accessories




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3M™ Air-Mate™ Light

Duty Breathing Tube

• Replacement light duty

breathing tube assembly

• Use with 3M™ Air-Mate™ PAPR

Item #BE224 $42.50 /EA

3M™ PAPR Hood

• Tychem QC

Item #BE103 $118.00 /PK

3M™ Air-Mate™ Filter

• Particulate filter helps provide high

efficiency respiratory protection

against dust, mist, fumes, asbestos,

radionuclides and radon daughters

Item #4510201R01 $39.75 /EA

Powerflow Face Mounted PAPR

• Lightweight Powered Air

Purifying Respirator

• Uses a single high efficiency

filter for protection against

dusts, mists, fumes and


• Ideal for lead, asbestos and

other hazardous particulates

Item #6700PF Small Item #6800PF Medium Item #6900PF Large $575.00 /EA

Powerflow HEPA Filter

• Protection against high

efficiency particulates

Item #SP3 $11.60 /EA

BP17IS Battery

• Intrinsically safe, rechargeable

NiCad battery pack - NIOSH

approved with A, AE, E, K, P3,

SP3 cartridges only

Item #5200117R01 $290.00 /EA

3M Battery Charger

• Used on the battery

(#5200117R01) or (#BP17IS)

on the 3M Powerflow and 3M

Breathe Easy Systems

Item #5210143R01

3M Smart Battery Chargers

• Allows the battery to be

charged outside of the


• Automatically switches

over to trickle rate mode

to prevent overcharging

Item #5200373 1 Unit Charger Item #5200372 5 Unit Charger

• Complete system includes the popular 6000

Series full facepiece, motor blower unit, battery

pack, flow meter and (SP3) high efficiency filter

• Powerflow System delivers a minimum of

4 cfm when used with the filter

• Face shield meets impact and penetration

requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003

$575.00 /EA $575.00 /EA $980.00 /EA

• #5200372

can fully charge up

to 5 discharged batteries in

approximately 8 hours

• #5200161

can fully charge up to

10 discharged batteries

in approximately 8 hours

$215.00 /EA


• NIOSH approved

• Filter should be used

with 3M™Air-Mate™

PAPR systems

• White • 3 per pack




$56.75 /EA