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Acid Gas,


#GVP442 $91.00 /EA

3M™ GVP PAPR Assembly

• 3M GVP Series Powered Air Purifying

Respirator (PAPR) motor blower system

• Compact size and low profile design

• Keeps unit close to the hip and

distributes weight evenly

• Includes motor blower, battery, charger,

belt, flow indicator, power cord and plugs

• Choose hood, hard hat, face piece, hose and

filters to complete NIOSH approval system

• NiCad battery provides up to 8 hours of use

• Unit shown is intrinsically safe - Class1 Div1

Item #GVP1 $845.00 /EA

3M™ Full-Face Respirator

with DIN Port Adapter

• 3M provides reliable convenient and

versatile respiratory protection

• Respirator includes DIN Port Adapter,

which allows use to utilize 3M PAPR

or Supplied Air Systems

• When not using DIN port, simply

plug up and use as an air purifying

respirator with approved 3M 6000

Series cartridges and filters

Item #6700DIN SM Item #6800DIN MD Item #6900DIN LG $204.75 /EA

3M™ Versaflo™ S-Series

Premium Hoods


with inner collar. Equipped with

a knit inner collar for respiratory seal.

Made of general purpose fabric.

Item #S655 Inner Collar Item #S657 Double Shroud $77.45 /EA

• #S657

with inner shroud.

Equipped with a double shroud

design for respiratory seal.

$80.85 /EA



#GVP444 $121.60 /EA

Organic Vapor/

Acid Gas

#GVP403 $60.00 /EA


#GVP404 $72.50 /EA

3M™ Versaflo™

Breathing Tubes

The 3M™ Versaflo™ Powered Air

Purifying Respirator (PAPR) breathing

tubes connect to any Versaflo Headtop

and any Versaflo air source.

Item #BT20S 28” (Standard) Item #BT20L 38” (Standard) $49.55

Organic Vapor

#GVP401 $62.50 /EA

Organic Vapor


#GVP441 $89.75 /EA


#GVP440 $41.00 /EA $49.55

Provides head, face, neck and shoulder

coverage. Features a premium head

suspension. Approved for use with

certain 3M™ powered and supplied air

respirators. Two types available,

#S655 and #S657




$204.75 /EA $204.75 /EA


Acid Gas




GVP PAPR Cartridges



Item #BT30 33” (Standard) Item #BT40 33” (Heavy Duty) $65.70 $116.35

PAPR Assemblies