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Air Scrubbers

DefendAir HEPA 500 Portable Air Scrubber, 250-500 cfm

Item #F284 $999.00 /EA

The DefendAir HEPA 500 uses HEPA filter media with an efficiency rating of 99.97%

against 0.3-micron oily aerosol particles. When used with the DOP 2nd stage filter,

the HEPA 500 meets first-pass filtration requirements; however, DOP testing may be

required on some jobs. The optional Activated Carbon Filter allows users to quickly

and effectively attack smoke and other noxious odors in the environment.

• Advanced filtration technology

• Daisy chain capability - link up to 3 units on 1 power outlet

• Variable CFM on each unit - up to 1500 CFM per 15-amp circuit

• Stackable, lightweight, and easily transportable

Phoenix Mini-Guardian HEPA

Air Scrubber System, 415 cfm

The Mini-Guardian HEPA System

offers fully variable air flow. Maximum

delivered air flow with 3-stage filtering

in place is over 415 CFM and will

clean one air change of a 14’ x 14’

room in less than four minutes while

drawing less than two amps of power.

This makes the Mini-Guardian perfect

for smaller remediation projects

where space is at a premium and

reduced air flow essential. A template

on the intake grill makes it possible to

take air-flow measurements with the

Phoenix Reed Meter.

Item #4024774 $1,395.00 /EA

Phoenix Guardian HEPA Air

Scrubber System, 1400 cfm

The Guardian HEPA System

captures virtually all removable

airborne particles. The true 1400

CFM capacity of the Phoenix

Guardian HEPA System will clean

one air change of a 12 x 14 foot

room in less than a minute. The

Guardian can be expected to

control up to 21,000 cubic feet.

The Guardian's high airflow and

multiple ducting options allow for

the combination of negative or

positive air flow control of an area

and containment air scrubbing at

the same time. This provides the

unique ability to continually filter

the indoor air and depressurize the damaged site to

prevent the spread of contamination simultaneously.

Item #4024848 $2,098.00 /EA

Ermator A600

Portable Air Scrubber

• Constructed using a sturdy,

compact cabinet

• Quiet operating air scrubber

with two airflow speeds of

300 and 600 CFM with HEPA

and pre-filter installed

• The airflow is directed

upwards to avoid disturbing

dust on surfaces

• Each HEPA filter installed in

the model A600 is individually

tested and certified at an

efficiency rate of 99.99% at

0.3 microns

• A warning light indicates

when the primary filter is

75% clogged and requires


Item #200900061A $885.00 /EA

Ermator A1200 Air

Scrubber, 2-Speed

• Standard motor/blowers

• 28-inch HEPA filters

• Constructed with a unique mo-

tor/impeller and a wider HEPA

filter producing a thin, light-

weight cabinet

• Two super quiet speeds

of 600 and 1200 CFM with

HEPA and pre-filter installed

• A metal frame HEPA filter

includes a steel mesh screen

to protect filter media and allow

cleaning of the media surface

with vacuum and dust brush

• Each HEPA filter installed in

the A1000 air scrubber is indi-

vidually tested and certified at

99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns

• 16” x 28” x 32”

Item #A1200 $1,287.00 /EA

• An indicator light

warns when it is time

to clean or replace both filters

• Equipped with two (2) locking

wheels for superior

transportation and stability

• 2 amps

• Compact design

• Variable speed air flow

• Multiple ducting options

• Stainless steel cabinet

• Optional fourth stage carbon filter

• Wheeled cart design

• Includes one 14" lay-flat duct ring, for 100% negative air

operation, and two 10" lay-flat duct rings for a combination

of negative air, air scrubbing or positive airflow

• 12 Amps, 110-120 VAC

• 25" x 39" x 25"


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