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Negative Air Machines

Core Air 2000

Negative Air Machine

Item #H2000DV $925.00 /EA

Replacement 24” x 24” Filters

Core 600 Variable Speed

Negative Air Machine

• Has the features of larger

machines but designed for

smaller work areas

• Offers versatility in that it

can easily handle a wide

range of jobs

• Ideal for asbestos and

lead abatement, mold

remediation or cleaning

and restoration jobs

• Uses a 16” x 16” x 6”

HEPA filter

Item #9145DV $845.00 /EA $126.00 /EA #16166HEPA HEPA Filter #16162DH Ring Panel Filter #16161/2 Pad Pre-Filter $0.75 /EA $4.30 /EA

• Primarily set to negative pressure

or recirculation mode

• Negative pressure condition is created in order

to confine contaminated airborne particles

• This condition exists when the static pressure

inside the room containing the unit is lower

relative to the pressure of the environment

outside the room

• The static pressure differential is created and

maintained by continuously exhausting air out

of a given room at a faster rate than air enters

the room from all other sources

• The recirculation mode, all of the filtered air is

exhausted back into the room containing the unit

• Multi-use air filtration machine is equipped with

a pre-filter and a HEPA filter that are capable of

filtering many airborne contaminants

• Incorporates a series of particulate filters which

successively remove larger size to smaller size

particles from the air

• Providing particulate and odor, vapor, gas filtration

with final stage filtration through a High Efficiency

Particulate Air (HEPA) filter

$131.75 /EA #NC242412HP2 2000 CFM rated HEPA filter (with wood frame and rubber gasket) #242411HEPA 1100 CFM rated HEPA filter (with wood frame) #24242PLCARB Secondary pleated filter (carbon charcoal Carbotron) #24242PL Secondary pleated filter #24242DH Ring panel dust hawk filter #24241/2 Pad Pre-Filter $183.60 /EA $5.15 /EA $0.95 /EA

Replacement 16” x 16” Filters

• Dust filters can also be

used for dust collection

• Activated charcoal

filters can be used as

an effective means of

odor control

• Ships complete with


• 200 CFM to 600 CFM

• Draws 1.8 amps

• 24” L x 18” W x 17” H

• 47 lbs

$18.75 /EA $67.75 /RL #1225 Flexible Mylar 12” x 25’ #H201512 Lightweight Layflat 12” x 500’


$28.75 /EA $18.75 /EA $67.75 /RL #1225 Flexible Mylar 12” x 25’ #H201512 Lightweight Layflat 12” x 500’






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