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North Full Face Replacement Windows

Item #80836A 15 per pack

North Full Face Welding Respirator

Item #76008AW 7600 Mask w/ Weld Kit Item#8405 Weld Kit for 5400 Full Face Mask

North Backpack Adapter

Item #BP1002 Fits Full & Half Face Masks Item#76008A Standard Item#76008ASM Small Item#5400ML Standard Item#5400SM Small $26.60 /EA $12.75 /EA $288.00 /EA $152.50 /EA $211.75 /EA $211.75 /EA $115.60 /EA $115.60 /EA $22.50 /PK $88.00 /EA

North Respirators


of Safety Products and Much, Much More!


• 7600 full face and 7700 half face

respirators are made of 100% silicone

which offers better fit, comfort

• 5400 full face and 5500 half face

respirators are made of TPE material

which reduces the using costs without

sacrificing any protection ability

• Keeping most of the features of

the 7000 Series, these economical

5000 Series masks also conform

to NIOSH standard

• 7600 and 5400 masks can also be used

with PAPR or supplied air respirators

to fit different using environments

North 7600/5400 Full Face Series & 7700/5500 Half Face Series Respirators





• Welding shield is made of a FR thermoplastic material

• Locking hinge window gives a wide angle view

• 2” x 4” filter plates and protective lens sold separately


North 7600 Series Full Face Mask

North 5400 Series Full Face Mask

North 7700 & 5500 Half Face

Series Respirators

• Specially designed oral/nasal cup

lessens “dead space”, reduces

fogging, avoid re-breathing in of

exhaled CO2 and reduce the

working fatigue of wearers

• 7600 series also offers a speak-

ing diaphragm to amplify voices

and make communication easier

• Dual facial seal design offers

better seal on the face and sat-

isfy various demands of different

facial types

• Center-fixing harness on the head

enhances the stability which can

provide perfect seal even during

vigorous exercises

• Full face masks provide a 200° filed

of vision to avoid any visual obstacles

during climbing or descending

• Polycarbonate lens meets ANSI

standard for high impact so the users

do not have to wear extra glasses

• *Cartridges and filters sold separately