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of Safety Products and Much, Much More!


$129.50 /CS $96.25 /CS Item #MG1517(size) MD-XL EWA Item #MG1528(size) MD-XL EWA, Hood Item #MG1514(size) MD-XL EWA, Hood, Boots


$85.30 /CS

MICROCHEM by AlphaTec 2000 Coveralls

$121.00 /CS

MICROCHEM by AlphaTec 1500 Coveralls

• Feature a high quality three

layer breathable SMS fabric

which helps to reduce the risk

of heat stress

• Proven protection from

airborne and solid

particulates, limited protection

against liquid spray

• Coveralls are proven to

filter 100% of particles

larger than three microns

• Its three thread overlocking

serged seams offer an

excellent balance of a

strong seam with a good

particle barrier

$74.50 /CS

• Great to wear for

applications such as paint

spraying, pharmaceuticals,

mining, pesticides

• These coveralls offer

exceptional particle and

liquid spray protection

• Features elasticated waist,

wrists, and ankles, finger

loops, a two way front

zipper closure with a

resealable stormflap

• Low linting

$112.10 /CS

Available at additional cost 2XL-5XL




Item #MG2012(size) MD-XL EWA Item #MG2028(size) SM-XL EWA, Hood Item #MG2014(size) MD-XL EWA, Hood, Boots

Available at additional cost 2XL-5XL

• Two way front zipper

with stormflap

• Ideal for applications such

as general maintenance,

manufacturing, insulation

laying, and asbestos


• 3 piece respirator fit

hood (MG1528 and

MG1514 only)

• Elastic wrists and

ankles (EWA)

• 25 per case

• Optimized body fit improves

wearer comfort and safety

• Tested according to ASTM

1671 for resistance to

penetration of blood and

bloodborne pathogens

• 3 piece respirator

fit hood (MG2028

and MG2014 only)

• Anti-static treated

• Bound seams

• 25 per case







MICROCHEM by AlphaTec 2000 TS Plus Coveralls

• Provides both protection

and comfort

• Exceptional liquid and

particulate protection

• Ideal for a wide range of

industrial applications

• 3 piece elasticated respirator

fit hood with chinstrap

• Elastic waist, wrist (with

thumb loops), and ankles

$210.00 /CS

Available at additional cost 2XL-4XL

Item #MG2028TS(size) MD-XL

• One-way front zipper with

resealable storm flap

• Can offer type 4 protection

(protection against satura-

tion of liquid chemicals)

• Anti-static tested

according to EN 1149-5

and AATCC 76

• 25 per case



• Liquid penetration resis-

tance and barrier to fine

particulates (>0.01 µm*)

• Meets standards for

ASTM F1671 and EN

14126:2003 resistance to

penetration of blood, body

fluids and bloodborne


• Taped seams