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Interested In This DiVal Safety Service?
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We Not Only Supply Fire Extinguishers - We Service and Inspect Them Too!

We take pride in providing our customers with top quality fire extinguisher services that are second to none. Our in-house fire extinguisher experts ensure accurate inspections, exceptional extinguisher services, and quick turnarounds -- because WE DON'T SUBCONTRACT THE WORK!



DiVal's Fire Extinguisher Services Feature:

  • FREE Walk-Through Evaluations!
  • Annual & Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections
  • Fire Extinguisher Barcode Programs
  • Recharge Services (CO2, Dry Chemical, Halotron)
  • Low & High Pressure Hydro-Testing
  • New York State Certified Technicians
  • Fire Extinguisher Service Trucks for On-site Recharges
  • F-500 Encapsulator Fire Suppression Agent



Why You Should Call DiVal for All Your Fire Extinguisher Needs:

  • You can put your full trust in a safety company that does "whatever it takes" to make sure you're fire extinguisher equipment is ready for any fire emergency
  • You can depend on DiVal's NYS Certified Technicians to keep your fire extinguisher equipment OSHA/NFPA-10 compliant
  • We employ NON-COMMISSIONED service technicians so they can focus on your fire extinguisher needs and NOT a commission check
  • DiVal can efficiently service your company – whether you are a small, medium or large sized
  • You can have your fire extinguisher needs satisfied quicker because we have fully stocked parts, a full inventory of new fire extinguishers, and a fleet of Fire Extinguisher trucks to roll out to your workplace
  • We'll come out to service all your fire extinguisher needs if you're located in Western or Central New York