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Safety Recalls


Manufacturer Model Product Type Date of Recall File
Dräger Saver CF Visor Saver CF Visor 7/15/2019 pdf-red-editpdf-red-edit
Klein Tools NCVT-1 NCVT-1 Voltage Tester 5/27/2021 pdf-red-edit
3M Fall Protection Detailed in PDF Arc Flash Web Loop Rescue Safety Harnesses September 2021 pdf-red-edit
Medique M800L M800L December 2021 pdf-red-edit
Certified Safety Mfg. - First Aid Kits/Cabinets Containing Medi-First Xs Aspiring and Medi-First Sinux Pain and Pressure April 2021 pdf-red-edit

Safety Advisories


Manufacturer Model Product Type Date of Advisory File
3M RIT-Pak Fast Attack Cylinder RIT-Pak Fast Attack Cylinder 5/19/2021 pdf-red-edit
3M ACSi SCBA Cylinder ACSi SCBA Cylinder 5/19/2021 pdf-red-edit
Guardian Detailed in PDF Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL) 8/23/2021 pdf-red-edit
3M XO Harnesses 3M™ DBI-SALA® Delta™, ExoFit™, ExoFit™ Plus & ExoFit™ XP Cross Over Style Harnesses 7/15/2019 pdf-red-editpdf-red-edit
Guardian Diablo 2.5 SRL Diablo 2.5 SRL 4/5/2022 pdf-red-edit
3M - TB Quat Disinfectant RTU Cleaner 4/13/2022 pdf-red-edit
3M Scott 7422-SD1 P100 Cartridge Cartridge May 2022 pdf-red-edit
3M Scott Air-Pak X3 Air-Pak SCBA May 2022 pdf-red-edit
3M 3M Protecta Certain models of 3M Protecta Harnesses January 2023 pdf-red-edit