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DiVal Safety Summit 2018


Terry Hughes

Terry Hughes’ career has spanned more than 40 years with a major oil company as a laborer, trainer, safety advisor and BBSM consultant. His safety education has come from real life on the job experiences. The knowledge gained over those years has made Terry a true safety professional. “Terry’s Treasure Chest” has been presented to countless oil related industries and businesses around the Central Valley of California. Thousands of oil related employees have heard his safety message which speaks about the consequences of making bad safety choices and the need to go home alive and well every day to their treasures.

Participants will hear a motivational and entertaining experience as Terry renews their values regarding life’s true treasures, not those of material possessions but the sparkle in the eyes of a child or loved one. Terry will reflect on personal loss and how a brother’s death affected his life and the lives of those he loves. In addition to his emotional experience, he will make the audience realize the choices they make do have a consequence not just upon themselves but on those individuals in their treasure chest.

While Terry is not a member of any professional organization or a certified public speaker, he does speak from the heart during his presentation. He draws upon real life experiences to connect with his audience. He stresses the importance of making the right choices for safety and how these choices will impact the treasures in the listeners’ treasure chest.

“Terry's Treasure Chest” has been presented at both Annual National Safety Council Congress and Expo and at the Behavioral Science Technology User Conference where Terry was featured as a Blockbuster Presenter. His motivational safety message has been openly received everywhere he has spoken.

With an outgoing personality, Terry is eager to share his motivational message and his 40 years of safety understanding with audiences who wish to protect and hold dear to their personal “treasures.”