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We Not Only Supply Gas Detection Equipment - We Fully Service It Too!

DiVal is your one-stop-shop for all of your gas detection equipment needs. You can depend on our expert Certified Technicians to do "whatever it takes" to keep your employees safe and your equipment serviced so it's ready and in top working condition the next time you need to use it.



DiVal's Gas Detector Checkups, Calibrations and Repairs Service features:

  • Expert Certified Technicians
  • Audio and Visual Alarm Verification
  • Meter Adjustment & Detection Level Verification
  • Meter and Sensor Serial Number Logging and Tracking for Future Sensor Expiration Notifications
  • Comprehensive Check for Meter Parts Damage
  • On-Site Cal-Plus Program for Fixed Gas Detectors
  • In-House and On-Site Service
  • Loaner and Rental Units
  • Quick Turnaround!



How Do I Get My Instrument Repaired?

Fill out our form and send it in with your instrument. Click HERE to download the form.



Why You Should Call DiVal for All Your Gas Detection Equipment Needs:

  • You can put your full trust in a safety company that does "whatever it takes" to make sure you're gas detection equipment is ready to alert you of any life threatening gases
  • You can depend on DiVal's expert Certified Technicians to provide the highest quality gas detector checkups, calibrations and repairs
  • We can service both fixed and portable gas detectors for you
  • Our logging and tracking system allows us to give you future sensor expiration notifications to ensure that your equipment is always in top working condition
  • You'll reduce or even eliminate your gas detection equipment downtime with our quick turnaround and available loaner and rental units
  • DiVal gives you the flexibility to have gas detection services performed in-house or on-site for your convenience