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Think Twice Before Rolling the Dice on PPE

So, safety glasses, hard hats, safety footwear. What does this all mean and what is PPE or personal protective equipment? In today's world of new gadgets, tools and machinery, which tend to make life easier, there is always the ever increasing risk of injury. For example, 20 years ago if you opened your garage you probably had a weed whacker, leaf blower, chain saw and hedge trimmer. All separate tools, each for a specific job. In 2017, there is now one tool available for all 4 applications! Amazing, awesome and yet still as potentially dangerous as the tools of 20 years ago. This applies to the same thought that when exposed to any hazard, we should never rely on PPE alone. I mean let's face it, just because a hard hat is worn doesn't mean the hazard miraculously disappears, does it?

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