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Why getting home should be your first thought

With fall upon us, I sit drinking my coffee on the back porch listening to the rustling of the leaves and can't help but get the itch to string up my bow, clean my gun and get my gear treated. September is a month when all hunters fill the shops, by their tags and stock the cabin. Countless times though, a number of hunters will completely disregard their own safety in the hopes that the freezer back at home will once again be full. As one strolls through the aisles of hunting gear, the vendors pile on the importance of high visibility and keeping your feet dry. However, one hazard still looms, and is the leading cause of hunting related injuries and deaths nationwide.

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A new season means new safety strategies

Fall is the season of change. The leaves turn colors, the temperature cools off, long sleeves come out of the drawer, plaid flannels come back into style—we even fall back an hour for Daylight Savings Time.

What should not change is safety around the house. There are, however, specific things that homeowners need to be more aware of once the leaves start to change color.

Love to Know-Safety has come up with many safety tips to keep you and your family safe.

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