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Don't Waste It - Make the right decision after drinking

So you've made that decision. As you hobble out of the bar, you stumble to your car thinking "I only live 2 miles away," all the while you've dropped your keys trying to unlock your car door. You know you shouldn't be driving tonight. You know society and the law severely frowns on drinking and driving, and that thousands of people are killed every day from people like you. At that moment you see the carnage. You see the news real footage runs through your head of the police lights and ambulances. You hear the cries of the mothers, wives and husbands after they've lost a loved one to such an avoidable and selfish decision. At that moment, you make another decision - a decision that will save not only your wallet but the lives of those around you. You are one a very small group of people who decided not to drink and drive.

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