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Step Up and Anticipate Accidents

One of the key words in accident prevention is "anticipate". By anticipating what could happen, it is possible to take the proper safety steps to prevent an accident.

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Distracted Driving - A Firsthand Account

The inspiration for this week's safety blog topic was a result of an accident I witnessed on my way in to work recently. I was almost to the Thruway entrance and was nearly cut off by an electrical contractor's truck; which a minute later failed to yield right of way and made a left turn directly into the driver's side of an oncoming pickup truck. The pickup truck was pushed nearly 20 feet, and the explosion of glass was so incredible I was sure that the driver was going to need medical assistance. As I pulled to the side of the road and dialed 911 I saw both drivers exit their vehicles; the pickup truck driver was crawling out of the passenger side of his. I crossed the street to make sure everyone was ok and I heard the electrical contractor state to another witness "I guess I was just distracted by the thoughts of all I had to do at work today."

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