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School Safety

Some schools are back in session which means buses are out on the roads; and roads are more congested before and after school hours, which are also major general commute times.

Although it's a given that you have to pay attention while driving, the school year brings with it a different set of circumstances. Drivers should always be cognizant of walkers and bike riders. Make sure they yield at crosswalks and ignore the cell phone until they get to their destination.

In addition to paying more attention while driving near schools, always stop for a school bus with flashing red lights and the stop arm extended. When approaching a school bus with yellow flashing lights, the best thing to do is to stop unless the bus driver waves you through.

There are things that kids need to keep in mind as well, such as walking to school with a friend or neighbor, never accepting rides from strangers, and paying attention in the crosswalks to crossing guards, other kids, and vehicles.

The biggest hazard that precipitates disaster is students and other pedestrians looking at phones while they are walking; as well as drivers who are distracted doing the same thing. Everyone should have their heads up and be paying attention to what they see and hear around them.

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Saturday, 24 August 2019