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New Year, Safer You

There's something refreshing about the New Year. It's a favorite time to reflect on where we've been and where we're headed, a time for renewing old commitments and making new ones. The start of a new year is also the perfect time to review safety programs and chart a course for improvement.

Get ready to make a New Year's re-commitment to a more effective safety culture in your organization by making sure your safety program has these five critical components:

  1. Commitment at the top. When employees see real commitment to safety from management, they'll be more likely to take it seriously. All employees, including management, must be committed to:
    1. Treating safety as an investment, not just an expense.
    2. Investing in the tools to create a safe workplace.
    3. Seeing safety as a continuous improvement process.
  2. A collective sense of ownership. Don't make safety merely required compliance. Encourage everyone to own the safety culture and be proactive about working safer by becoming involved in the safety process. This will help create an environment of cooperation, teamwork, and pride in a safe workplace.
  3. Education and training. Have a formal, written program with concrete guidelines about safe housekeeping and safe work habits, proper handling of tools and equipment, proper use of personal protective gear, and emergency preparedness and response. Hold regular safety meetings to keep safety on everyone's mind.
  4. Action. A written safety program is useless if it's not put into action. Get everyone involved in identifying and eliminating safety hazards by having a dedicated safety committee - or several! Conduct regular inspections, and stay on top of reporting and investigating all incidents.
  5. Accountability. Have a strict policy of holding everyone who doesn't follow safety rules accountable, but also create a non-threatening environment for employees to report safety issues.

Does your company need a safety program? Let the trained professionals at DiVal Safety help you set up your own Effective Safety Campaign! You can contact the Safe 4 the Right Reasons scheduling coordinator Wylie Davidson at wdavidson@divalsafety.com or 1-800-343-1354.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2019