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It's here my dear! — Snow and ice tips for your home

You know that feeling you get when you walk outside and breathe in, then realize your nostrils are sticking together? How about when you wake up and see that the prior day's rain has frozen all over the place? Ah yes, this sounds like the ever familiar seasons we call fall and winter. This is a time where shovels, brushes and blowers are the tool of choice in garages and sheds all over! It sounds easy when we need to prepare and manage snow and ice; however it is not that simple. There has to be awareness to ourselves that this is a battle that can be unexpected, unruly and downright intense!

For this very reason, our friends here at DiVal Safety are thinking of you and have compiled a list of musts and suggestions for this upcoming winter:

  1. Make sure your snow blower is tuned up and ready for any type of snow:
    • Slushy
    • Heavy
    • Lite
    • Lake effect
  2. Pre-mix your two stroke oil for the type of machines that need it.
  3. Have extra pulley belts and shear pins. You never know when you will need one!
  4. Have extra shovels and different types.
    • Plow shovel for clearing
    • Lifting shovel for those bigger piles you have to move
  5. Spray your shovels and blower shoots with a silicone based lubricant. This will help the snow to fly off and out faster!
  6. Mark the edges of your drives and sidewalks. This will help determine how far you need to clear.
  7. NEVER blow snow into the street. This is illegal in most jurisdictions and can cause road conditions to suffer.
  8. Check with local code about clearing your sidewalk. In most municipalities this is required.
  9. NEVER lift snow with your back. Bend at the knees and pivot on a foot so you don't twist your back.
  10. NEVER EVER use your hand to clear a jam in a snow blower. Even with the blower off, there is the danger of stored energy. The blades or paddles of the blower will move back to its neutral position once the jam is cleared.
  11. Dress warm and in layers.
  12. Take frequent breaks.
  13. Stay hydrated.
  14. Keep in mind that if you use salt or ice melts that many products are harmful to humans and pets. The paws of dogs can get irritated and our shoes and boots can track it in where a baby may crawl or lay.
  15. Clear your roofs with a snow rake to prevent collapse and ice dams.
  16. NEVER clear icicles from below.


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Thursday, 17 October 2019