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How and why we should have fun at work


Roughly 24 percent of the average, full-time employee’s week is spent at work. Not only is it important to conquer daily endeavors, but it is also crucial to have fun at work. There are many ways to enjoy the day:

Socializing with others.
While this is absolutely something that can distract people from getting work done, it is important to do in moderation. This allows coworkers to bond with one another and feel a certain sense of comradery in the workplace.


Try and find common interests with coworkers. This goes along with socializing but great conversation pieces can be things that people have in common. Watching the same television show, reading the same book and following sports teams are all good common interests. Something like this can be a good ice breaker for people who are just getting to know each other. Always try and find common ground with those you work with.


Always have a good sense of humor. Laughter is very contagious and can make the difference in someone’s day. Laughing puts people in good moods, which in turn makes for a happier environment.

Never sit down for too long. It’s always good to get up and stretch your legs, so why not go around and see how other people are doing in the meantime? Check in with other coworkers and, if you have a free second, ask them if they need help with something. Being helpful is fun and beneficial to the work environment.


Keep yourself busy. Having a good amount of work to do not only keeps you away from boredom, but it makes the day go by faster.


Go out to lunch or eat with others. If you’re going out to eat, throw an invite out to some people. You never know who may or may not have lunch plans. It will bring you all closer together.


Hang out with people outside of the office, whether at a work function or on your own time. This goes along with strengthening the relationship you have with your coworkers. Bonding outside of work may be one of the best tools to becoming closer to people at work.


Having fun at work is crucial to the morale of all employees. It makes for a friendlier, happier and more productive place.


DiVal Safety has many annual opportunities for employees to hang out and bond both outside of work and in. There is a golf tournament, a summer picnic, a Christmas party and an in-house, day-by-day lunch theme for the month of December known as the 25 Days of Christmas. Each day is a different theme with a provided meal according to that theme.


These are all prime examples of how to have fun at work. After all, who wants to work in a boring venue?

Check out our Careers page on the DiVal website for more information about the endless opportunities at our company.


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Comments 1

Guest - Craig Ferringer on Wednesday, 29 March 2017 13:12
Get back to work!

Good article and I am proud to work for a company that is a model for this outlook on work.

Good article and I am proud to work for a company that is a model for this outlook on work.
Sunday, 15 September 2019