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Plan Ahead so the Alarm is the Back Up

During this time of year, crime continues as the sky gets darker earlier. This allows more time for people to act on their more miscreant thoughts, and with Halloween coming up there are more teenagers acting up. With all of these factors how can we keep ourselves and our belonging safe and with us?

Alarms are useful to deter people from taking anything once they have broken in, but there are ways to prevent them from even breaking in. There are some simple tips and tricks to prevent you from being the victim of a robbery or home invasion. One very easy way is to keep things bright. If there isn't a way for people to stay out of sight and not be seen, this can deter them. Keep your outdoor lights on overnight and have your neighbors do so as well, the more light the less areas to hide. Keep valuables out of sight and windows and doors locked because you don't want to broadcast what you have to take and give them an easy way to do so.

If you live close to your neighbors and you all are concerned about preventing any break-ins from happening, create a neighborhood watch. Neighborhood watch groups are a great way to spread awareness about suspicious activity in the area and to keep everyone alert so they are looking out for anything out of the ordinary. Another way to keep you from being the victim of home invasion is by not broadcasting your trip or vacation over social media. If you do, then you are more likely to be attacked. It's also a good idea to have someone stop by daily to get the paper and mail, and have the lights on a timer so it looks like people are home. It's important to make sure that people think that someone is home so they are less likely to break in because they don't want to be caught. Overall, be smart. You don't want to make it easier for people to break in to your house to steal your belongings or attack you or your family. It is important to take these steps to reduce your likelihood of being a victim of a burglary.

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Thursday, 17 October 2019