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Avoiding Office Hazards

When thinking about workplace safety most people think about construction sites, warehouses and similar areas. The office isn't the first place that will come to people's minds, but this is another place where one needs to be conscientious of their safety. There are areas in which people should be more aware about hazards including doorways, the kitchen, hallways and blind corners. These areas are more likely to have employee injuries occur in them compared to other points in the office.

It is important to always be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are as there is always a potential for injury. When walking around the office one should be paying attention to where they are heading, and not just be thinking about what they are working on. Areas where people can collide can cause injury, just as the kitchen is a place that can be dangerous if people aren't paying attention to what they are doing. It is important to be aware when you are in the kitchen and around the office.

Another hazard that people need to be aware of in the office is health hazards including the strain of looking at their computers, and being under fluorescent lights all day. Additionally, employees should be aware of the effect of sitting all day and what it does to the body including posture and blood circulation. The American Heart Association recommends moving for 10-15 minutes every hour to keep blood circulation up. Walking during your lunch break can lower your chance of heart disease. Posture is important while sitting because you spend most of your day sitting at your desk, in meetings, and while commuting. Good posture can help prevent back pain and other pains that are caused by bad posture. A healthy alternative to sitting all day is a standing desk, or sitting on an exercise ball. It isn't recommended to go from sitting all day to standing. Make sure you work your way up to doing so.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2019