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Toll Free




• Pleasant fragrance mild foam soap for

use in any washroom

• Leaves hands feeling silky smooth and

soft; without residue

• Certified® pump and cartridge are

ultrasonically sealed, non-vented and

fully recyclable (HDPE Type 2)

Refresh Azure Foam

Hand Wash

Item #AZU1L 1 Liter Refill, 6/CS Item #AZU2LT 2 Liter Refill, 4/CS Item #WRM1LDS 1 Liter Dispenser Item #WRM2LDP 2 Liter Dispenser $58.60 /CS $49.50 /CS $9.00 /EA $7.00 /EA Item #TF2CHR Black w/ Chrome Item #TF2WHI White Item #TF2BLK Black Item #92750 Stand

TouchFREE Dispenser

with Batteries

• Biocote® inhibits the growth of a broad

spectrum of bacteria and molds, will not

wear out or rub off over time, making it

effective for the lifetime of the dispenser

• No drips or clogging of pumps which can

cause a mess on walls and floors and can

be a health and safety risk

• Cartridges are designed to collapse in use so that all of the product is evacuated

• A sealed dispensing system delivers a precisely measured dose so that only the

correct amount of product is dispensed for optimum cost in use

Capacity: 1 / 1.2 Liter; Shot Size: 0.7mL foam; Dimensions: 10.9H x 6.75W x 3.97D

AgroBac Antibacterial

Foam Hand Wash


Item #ANT400ML 400 mL Pump Bottle Item #ANT1L 1 Liter Refill, 6/CS Item #ANT2LT 2 Liter Refill, 4/CS


Item #AGB1L 1 Liter Refill, 6/CS Item #AGB2LT 2 Liter Refill, 4/CS


Item #ANT1LDS 1 Liter Dispenser Item #ANT2LDP 2 Liter Dispenser


Refresh AntiBac Foam Hand Wash

• Dye-free bactericidal and fungicidal foam hand wash

• Chloroxylenol to cleanse the skin and kill bacteria

• Leaves hands feeling soft and smooth

• Pleasantly perfumed

• Formulated for food handling environments where

dirty or greasy hands are encountered

• Suitable for all food handling environments

• Perfume-free and dye-free

• Will not taint food when used as an antibacterial handwash

• Formulated to remove greasy soilings, such as animal and vegetable

oils and fats, as well as food mixes

• Ultrasonically sealed cartridges prevent the ingress of bacteria

• Instant foam lather can be applied directly to dry hands before rinsing,

saving approximately 45% of water consumption


GrittyFOAM™ Soap Dispenser

• Heavy-duty foam hand cleanser with grit

• Non-abrasive environmentally sustainable bio-scrubbers

suspended in thick, creamy and deep cleaning foam

• Slight citrus aroma produced by citrus based ingredient,

no added fragrance or dye

• Cartridges contain 3250 milliliters and are ultrasonically

sealed, non-vented, and fully recyclable (HDPE Type 2)

• EcoLogo™ certified, USDA BioPreferred accreditation,

and VOC compliant

• Dispensed from proprietary, Biocote® protected dispenser

at the rate of 3 milliliters per push

• One dose application

Solopol® GrittyFOAM™

$69.00 /CS $9.90 /EA



$7.00 /EA $9.00 /EA $86.50 /CS $66.35 /CS $72.20 /CS $55.80 /CS $8.95 /EA $78.00 /EA $9.50 /EA $9.50 /EA $9.50 /EA Item #ANT120TF 1.2 Liter Refill, 3/CS Item #AGB120TF 1.2 Liter Refill, 3/CS Item #AZU120TF 1.2 Liter Refill, 3/CS $54.20 /CS $69.30 /CS $59.70 /CS


Estesol® Hair & Body Shower Gel

Item #HAB2LT 2 Liter Refill, 4/CS Item #HAB4LTR 4 Liter Refill, 4/CS Item #SHW2LDP 2 Liter Dispenser Item #SHW4LDR 4 Liter Dispenser

• Shower gel is light duty, BioPreferred

and EcoLogo™ Certified

• Ultrasonically sealed, non-vented, and

recyclable (HDPE Type 2) cartridge

• Pleasantly fragranced

• One dose application

AntiBac AgroBac Azure

Hand Cleaners

$11.00 /EA $9.00 /EA $82.50 /CS $37.75 /CS Item #GPF3LNA

3.25 Liter Refill, 2/CS

TouchFREE cartridges

* Product specs listed above


• Durable construction in high gloss

• Easy to maintain black finish

• Locking cabinet prevents unauthorized access

• Silver based antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth

of bacteria and molds on the surface of the dispenser