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GOJO® Fast Towels

Item #6298

130 Wipes per Bucket, 4 Buckets per Case

Item #6299

225 Wipes per Tub, 2 Tubs per Case

Item #01013

Waterless Hand Cleaner




Toll Free




• Lava


heavy duty hand soap contains ground pumice

• Great for removing dirt from really dirty hands

• Quickly removes grease, oil, paint, ink, and other

substances that are hard to remove

• Each bar weighs 4 oz

• 48 bars per case

Item #LS



Hand Bar Soap

Item #IS45

• Provides a simple, effective

clean for the entire family

• Leaves your skin feeling

naturally clean

Ivory Bar Soap

Item #91371

WYPALL® Waterless

Cleaning Wipes

Soaps & Hand Wipes

Item #ULT150W

Deb Ultra Heavy

Duty Hand Wipes

Item #42272

SCRUBS® Rough Touch®

Hand Towels

Item #C422

WorkPlace Hand

Cleaner Towels

Item #34400 100/Box Item #34405 50/Tub Item #34410 160/Tub

p.a.w.s.® Antimicrobial

Hand Wipes

• Formulated with 66.5% ethyl-alcohol

to kill 99.99% of germs and viruses*

• Contains Aloe Vera to keep your

skin feeling soft and smooth

• Removes debris and soil from

hands and under fingernails,

an important function in the

absence of soap and water

• Meets OSHA, APIC and CDC

hand washing recommendations

in the absence of soap and water

$10.60 /TUB $6.70 /TUB $6.80 /BX

• Hand-cleaning towels

• Quick cleanup of light

greases and oils

• For use in service vehicles, on

the workbench, at the job site and

wherever water is not available

$37.25 /TUB $25.75 /BKT $1.65 /EA

• 10” x 12” Dual-textured towels

• Clean, citrus fragrance

• Advanced cleaning power

• For use on hands and surfaces

• No sticky residue

• 72 per container, 6 per case

$14.75 /BKT

• Eliminates the need for soap, water, and a sink

• Disposable, fast acting

• Deep cleaning, non-scratching abrasives

quickly remove embedded dirt and grime

• Uniformly premoistened towel

• 72 wipes per bucket, 6 buckets per case

$13.90 /BKT $0.95 /EA $14.30 /BKT

• Ideal presaturated cleaner for

on-the-go cleaning of hands, tools,

parts and non-porous work surfaces

• Natural solvents cut through

grease, grime and oil

• Soothing ingredients moisturize the skin

• 9.5” x 12” wipes

• 75 wipes per bucket, 6 buckets per case

$19.25 /BKT

• Wipes are easy to use and impregnated with a

specialist formulation based on dibasic esters to

remove paints, inks, resins, adhesives and most

other print and paint shop contaminants

• 150 wipes per bucket, 4 buckets per case

$3.75 /EA

• Removes grease, grime, oils, soil, gasket

cement, epoxies, glues and inks

• Contains biodegradable surfactants

• Aloe vera and lanolin to keep hands smooth

• Pleasantly scented

• Withstands multiple freeze/thaw cycles

• Won’t clog drains

• 14 oz

• Ivory Soap 3.1 oz bar

• 3 per pack

• 72 bars per case

Item #KCW70

Deb Kresto

Cherry WIPES



• Dual sided hand cleansing towels for

the gentle removal of extra heavy duty

contamination without using water

• Made from polypropylene

• Moistened with a cleansing solution

• Dual-sided and slightly rough structure

• Consistent and reliable cleansing power

without the use of abrasive additives

• Clean quickly and thoroughly, without

unduly stressing the skin

• Designed for use on hands but

can also be used on tools

• Please test small area first as this is

also a very effective paint remover

• Superior dirt-removing properties

• Very economical

• Fast cleansing when water

is not readily available

• Kind to the skin and the environment

• Also effective to remove sealants

and paint from hands

• Neutralizes heavy petroleum odor on

hands - leaves them fresh and clean

• Pleasant cherry scent

• Size 10” x 12”