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Bath Tissue Roll, 2300’, 12/CS

Bath Tissues


of Safety Products and Much, Much More!


$42.50 /EA $43.00 $29.95 /CS $0.70 /EA $0.99 /RL $32.75 /CS $29.90 /EA Item #09611 $61.00

Scott® Coreless 2-Ply

Bath Tissue & Dispenser

Item #15404007

Retrofits standard recessed dispensers

from cored to coreless.

Nearly 75% longer than standard

roll bath tissue. 36/CS

Scott® Cored 2-Ply Jumbo

Bath Tissue & Dispenser

Dispenser holds 2 small tissue rolls or

1 large tissue roll and one stub roll.

Item #7827 Item #09551KC

A roll of this jumbo capacity tissue equals

nearly 10 standard rolls. 6/CS

$19.90 /EA

12” Roll 2-Ply Bath Tissue

& Double Dispenser

Dispenser holds two 9” tissue rolls. Sliding

panel ensures the use of one roll at a time.

Item #NP19920 Item #JTTD

Non-perforated. 12” diameter, 2,000’

jumbo roll. 3-3/4” core. 12/CS

$16.50 /EA

High Quality C-Fold

Towels & Dispenser

Dispenser can hold either multifold or

C-fold towels without adjustments.

Item #13667 Item #CFD

C-Fold paper towels. One ply construction.

10-1/4” x 13” total size. 2400/CS

Item #22748 $1.15 /RL

2-Ply Paper Towel Roll

2-ply sheets of strong and absorbent

embossed paper towel. Response

perforated roll towels provide a good

balance between efficiency and econo-

my. 85 sheets per roll, 30/CS

$38.50 /EA

HRT Hard Roll Paper Towel

Dispenser With Lever

Item #HRT210

ADA Compliant Lever


Full Arm Lever

$42.00 /EA





User can dispense paper with arm or

elbow if desired. Transparent cover

allows easy view of paper supply.

Item #HRT208 $42.50 /EA

Touchless, hands-free operation. Quick, smooth and easy pull. Safe and reliable

delivery of a 11” sheet. Easy to use and install. Emergency paper feed to help

advance roll if needed. Uses standard 8” wide paper up to 8” in diameter.

Translucent cover allows for view of paper supply. Next sheet is automatically

ready for next user, no waiting.

HRT Hard Roll Paper Towel Dispenser, Hands Free

Item #TTD $16.50 /EA

Space-saving design, double-latch

lock prevents theft and waste. Access

to reserve roll once the lower roll is

completely used, and heavy gauge

steel back from maximum strength.

Double Roll Tissue

Paper Dispenser

Item #22818

Retain™ 2-Ply bath tissue, 96 RL/CS

Item #16290

Preference® 2-Ply bath tissue, 80 RL/CS

$49.50 /CS $49.70 /EA $19.50 /EA $52.50 /CS

Toilet Seat Covers

& Dispensers

Item #09512 Item #09506KC Item #TSC250E

Toilet seat covers 250/BX, 20 BX/CS

In-Sight Coreless Bath

Tissue & Dispensers


Dispensers are wall-mountable

and have a durable plastic casing.

Anti-Microbial material helps pro-

tect against common bacteria.

$29.70 /EA $29.00 /EA Item #09602

High Capacity Dispenser

Item #09608

Twin Roll Dispenser

Item #KC07006

Bath Tissue Roll, 1150’, 12/CS

$4.80 /RL $3.80 /RL

Natural non-perforated rolled paper towels,

designed primarily for hand drying in wash-

rooms when combined with the appropriate

dispenser. High-quality, embossed. One ply.

Meets U.S. EPA standards for post-consumer

material paper content. 8” wide.

Natural Roll Paper Towels

Item #NP30600 600’ Item #NP30400 800’ $4.40 /RL



#09506KC #09512

#09512 16-19/32” W x 12-19/64” H x 2-1/2” D

#09506KC 17½” W x 13¼” H x 3¼” D