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IvyX® Pre-Contact

Skin Barrier

Item #83668 8 oz Bottle Item #83662 50 Towelettes

Medicated Ointments

Item #405548 1 oz Tube

Zanfel® Poison

Ivy Wash

Safe and effective topical solution

for poison ivy, poison oak, and

poison sumac. It is the only product

clinically shown to remove urushiol,

the toxin responsible for the reac-

tion, from the skin anytime after

outbreak, enabling the affected area

to immediately begin healing. After

using Zanfel, the itching and pain

are the first things to be relieved,

usually within 30 seconds.

IvyX® Post-Contact

Skin Cleanser

Item #84666 4 oz Bottle Item #84672 12 oz Bottle Item #84661 50 Towelettes




Toll Free





#FG10095 #FG10258 #CALA6 #FG10278

Tecnu® Original Outdoor Skin


was developed in 1962 and has been

proven in the field by outdoor professionals. It is a unique,

affordable cleanser that removes the rash-causing oil, called

urushiol, found in all parts of poison ivy, oak and sumac

plants. Tecnu Original is the only topical cleanser on the

market that you can also use to remove poison plant oil from

pets, tools, clothing, and equipment to help prevent coming in

contact with it from a secondary source.

Item #FG10064 4 oz Bottle Item #FG10079 12 oz Bottle

Tecnu Extreme® Poison Ivy Scrub

is a fast acting medicated poison ivy scrub that works in 15

seconds. It is the first poison ivy treatment to relieve itching

and remove the rash causing oil in just one step!

Item #FG10095 4 oz Tube

Tecnu® Rash Relief Spray

with scar prevention is a medicated anti-itch spray that you can apply without having to touch your

rash. Rash Relief is a perfect poison ivy and oak treatment for areas that are hard to reach.

Item #FG10258 6 oz Spray Bottle

Calagel® Medicated Anti-itch Gel

is a steroid free treatment that relieves itching, dries the oozing and reduces swelling

of poison ivy and oak rash. Also includes an antiseptic to help prevent secondary infection.

Item #CALA6 6 oz Bottle

Corticool 1% Hydrocortisone Gel

is unlike any other hydrocortisone on the market. The over-the-counter, water based

gel relieves itching and pain by delivering more active ingredient through the surface of your skin. Most over-the-counter hydrocortisones are

ointments or creams that can “float” on the skin’s surface, taking a long time relieve itching. Corticool easily penetrates through your skin offering

fast, cooling itch and pain relief. Use Corticool on eczema, insect bites, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, rashes from poison ivy and oak, soaps,

detergents and jewelry, and other minor rashes.

Item #FG10278 1.5 oz Tube

Remove poison ivy oil before it spreads, and relieve the itching!

$5.30 /BT $10.40 /BT $10.80 /EA $9.80 /BT $5.75 /EA $5.80 /EA

• Invisible barrier to protect against outdoor irritants

• Dries quickly and is non-greasy, sticky or clay-like

• No wait time, simply apply Ivy X Pre-Contact to

exposed skin and immediately start your task

• Almost unnoticeable on the skin and washes off

easily with soap and water

• Available in bottle or towelette packs

$7.75 /BT $29.90 /BX

• Assists in the removal of poisonous plant oils (Urushiol)

found in Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac

• Soap and water will not emulsify poisonous plant oils

• Designed to be “Wetter than Water” to start the emulsi-

fying process to assist in removing plant oils before they

have time to cause the uncomfortable rash, blisters and

itching commonly associated with poisonous plants

• Available in bottle or towelette packs

$6.85 /BT $3.75 /BT $28.50 /BX $36.00 /EA Item #15002

Creosote Pitch

Cleanser Kit

$4.30 /PK

• Designed to help clean creosote

pitch off of hands

• Contains 5 one-time use pads

• 99% Isopropyl Alcohol cleaner


• Convenient unitized box fits into

any first aid kit

• Sold as 6 piece kit

• Perfect for standalone first aid

or as a refill for a kit