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The 10 Hour™

Insect Repellent

Insect Repellents

Item #91501SS Item #61701

• Permanone repels and kills

ticks, mosquitoes, and mites

• A good line of defense against

these critters is to spray your

work clothes with Permanone

• 1 treatment on your clothes

lasts up to 2 weeks

• *Do not apply this product to


• 6 oz aerosol can

ARI Insect


Item #14011CRC

Insect Repellent

Aerosal Spray

Sun Skeeter Insect

Repellent/Sun Screen

OFF! Deep Woods®

Insect Repellent

Item #94903 25% Deet, 6 oz Spray Item #94904 100% Deet, 1 oz Pump

• Sportsman Insect Repellent

• Provides maximum strength

protection for up to 10 hours

• Repels mosquitoes, ticks,

chiggers fleas, stable flies,

black flies, gnats, no-see-

ums and deer flies

• Effective protection that

won’t stain

• Resists perspiration

• Effectively repels mosquitoes,

chiggers, fleas, ticks, biting

flies and other insects

• Spray Bug Barrier right on

your skin and these pests will

leave you alone

• Contains 23.75% DEET

• #61606 - 100% DEET

Bug Barrier Insect

Repellent w/ DEET

Item #61606 2 oz Item #61604 6 oz Item #61605 12 oz Item #SP714 4 oz Spray, 100% DEET Item #SP520 4 oz Bottle, 20% DEET Item #SP526 6 oz Bottle, 20% DEET

Premium Controlled Insect Repellent

BugX® 30 Insect

Repellent w/ DEET

Item #12650 2 oz Spray Pump Item #12651 4 oz Spray Pump Item #126408 25 Towelette Box Item #12643 300 Towelette Box

• Combination sunscreen

and insect repellent

• All-in-one bug and sun

protection towelettes

• Water and sweat resistant

• 20% Deet + SPF 25

• EPA registered

• 100 packs/ box


of Safety Products and Much, Much More!


• Effective for 7+ hours of protection against:

Mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, fleas, gnats, red

bugs, no-see-ums, sand fleas, biting flies, deer

flies, stable flies, and black flies

• New water base formula is water and sweat

resistant, low odor, non-greasy and non-staining

• BugX 30 is EPA registered in all 50 states,

Canada and Mexico

• Available in pump bottles or towelette packs

$169.00 /BX $15.75 /BX $7.50 /EA $4.20 /BT

• Industrial strength, naturally derived,

plant-based DEET FREE

• Formula is safe to use on FR clothing

• Non-flammable, naturally derived,

plant-based geraniol

• Easy application and convenient

• Environmental conditions prefer natural

products to be used when face and/ or

neck protection is needed

BugX® Free Insect Repellent

without DEET

$420.00 /CS $5.10 /BT $2.90 /BT $5.15 /BT

• Protects you from biting insects

including mosquitoes, ticks,

fleas, no-see-ums, chiggers,

horse flies and biting flies for

up to 10 full hours

• The active ingredient is 100%

DEET (N, N-Diethyl-m-tolua-

mide) to offer up to 10 hours of

protection without reapplication

• 2 oz atomizer spray typically

lasts as long as 3 aerosol cans

• Formulated not to sweat off

and no scent added

$8.40 /EA $7.90 /EA $8.75 /EA

• Sawyer’s exclusive low-odor, non-greasy and

perspiration resistant DEET formula protects

exposed skin areas against mosquitoes, chig-

gers, fleas, gnats and ticks and the diseases

they carry

• DEET offers excellent levels of repellency

• Over 10 hours of protection

• Always use as directed

• Helps guard

against contract-

ing Lyme Disease

when sprayed on exposed

skin and clothing

• Contains 25% DEET

• Remove with soap and water

• Repels pests up to twice as

long as common consumer


• 8 oz aerosol

$4.90 /CN $72.75 /BX $8.99 /EA $9.35 /EA $5.25 /EA $4.75 /EA $5.25 /CN $8.10 /CN