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• Wrap-around sports style

design for excellent

panoramic vision

• Fits over most

prescription eyewear

• Frosted brow guard

reduces overhead glare

• Offers protection against

dust, mist, and impact and

chemical splash

• Indirect venting system

along with high performance

Uvextreme® anti-fog coating

minimizes fogging in extreme


• Lightweight, silicone body

conforms to the face to

assure the highest level of

comfort and eye protection

• Low profile and optically

correct polycarbonate lens

provides full field of vision

• Pivoting headband clips permits the

wearer to position the goggle on

the hard hat or above the ears

• Fits over most prescription eyewear

• Uvextreme® anti-fog lens coating

with indirect venting system to

minimize fogging


Safety Goggles

• Low profile design with soft,

elastomer body that flexes

and conforms to the face

for a secure, comfortable,

gap free fit

• Rx insert available

• Great impact resistance with

99% protection from UV rays

Uvextreme® anti-fog coating

and indirect ventilation system

to minimize fogging

• Clear lens

$10.65 /PR

Tingley SafetyFlex®

PVC FR Rainwear

• Combines tough protection

and comfortable fit

• Made to resist industrial acids,

chemicals, and caustics

• The heavy exterior coating offers

excellent permeation performance

• Flame resistant tested, self

extinguishing with flameout

and afterglow less than two

seconds after removal of

ignition source and char

length less than 6 inches

(Test method ASTM D6413)

• Soft, supple feel for

all day comfort

$24.00 /EA

Flex Seal®

Safety Goggles

Item #S3400X $14.05 /PR


Safety Goggles

Item #S345C $7.70 /PR $10.95 /PR


Item #J41008(size) SM-LG

Available at additional cost XL-4XL


Item #O41008(size) SM-LG

Available at additional cost XL-4XL

$26.00 /EA Item #S3960C Neoprene Band Item #S3960CI Fabric Band




Toll Free




Rainwear, Goggles & ChemTape

• Clear lens

• Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010

and CSA Z94.3 standards

• Latex free, neoprene

headband, clear lens

• Clear lens

• Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010

and CSA Z94.3 standards

• Latex free, clear lens

• Latex free

• Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010

and CSA Z94.3 standards

• Therm-O-Rad sealed

seams for 100% liquid

proof protection

• No needle holes for

chemicals to penetrate

• Jacket has tapered sleeves

and storm fly front, high jacket

collar with hook-and-loop

throat closure and hidden


• Overalls have a plain front





• Specially designed and tested

adhesive tape for added barrier

protection against hazardous

chemicals at seams, zippers

and other openings found on the

chemical protective clothing, such

as respirators, gloves, or boots

• Can be used to attach compo-

nents of a protective ensemble,

to reduce the possibility of gross

liquid flow at interfaces and to

repair tents and shelters

Item #99401 $32.75 /RL

• ChemTape® is ideal when

mid to high-range chemical

protection is needed

• Rolls are 2” x 60 yards

• 24 rolls/case