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Breakout Sessions

K-9 Safety - Live Demonstration

Presented by Mitzi Robinson

This session is a “Must See” for dog owners and anyone who will or could have a dog encounter on or off the job. Utility workers, construction workers, municipality workers, first responders, delivery personnel, joggers, walkers, or bikers are just some of the people who could be injured or killed by a “bad” dog encounter. Learn how you can protect yourself and others.

Emergency Planning and Business Continuity

Presented by Dave Bissonette

In today’s society, businesses and organizations have never been more at risk. This program is intended to bring awareness to the diverse exposures facing all types of businesses and organizations today. How prepared is your facility to cope with deliberate acts of violence, business interruption, severe weather, brand reputation etc. We will identify a number of best practice tools and strategies necessary to prepare your organization for the best possible outcome.

Safe 4 The Right Reasons

Presented by Dale Lesinski

Safe 4 the Right Reasons takes a basic look at our human nature and breaks down why we put ourselves at risk. The fact is, as humans, we are not wired to be safe. That's why the conventional approach to employee safety often delivers meager results. This message is designed to become the foundation of your safety culture. It is easily incorporated into a safety campaign so you can market your safety message in a positive manner. It promotes employees to watch out for each other to eliminate high risk situations in a positive manner.

Effective Fall Protection Training

Presented by Alex Nobles

Falling continues to be the # 1 cause of death in the construction trade. Many companies are in compliance with fall protection standards but their employees continue to get injured. “Effective Training” consists of more than complying with the CFR, it requires an connection with the employees to drive safe behaviors. This presentation consists of interactive demonstrations, personal and emotional connections with employees and off the job applications, making truly effective.

Office Safety

Presented by Mike Yarbrough

Your everyday office might not seem dangerous at all compared to other of worksites or facilities, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 76,000 office workers in the United States receive disabling injuries each year. These include falls, electric shock, musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. To keep your workplace safe for all employees and to avoid the costs associated with injuries and illnesses, you will not want to miss the opportunity to train your employees on basic office safety.

Accident Investigation

Presented by Mike Yarbrough

Accident Investigations are incident-prevention tools and should be part of an occupational safety and health management program in your workplace. Such programs are a structured way to identify and control the hazards in a workplace so let’s look at the steps we should go through.

A Day We Will Remember

Presented by Ricky Rollins

Ricky will tell the story of the workplace accident that almost took his life 24 years ago and how it could have of affected his family if he had died that day. He will also tell 4 more stories from the perspective of friend, father, husband, brother, coworker, supervisor and department manager of things that have affected his circle. Some good things and some not so good. In each story is a message with a lesson in it for each of us. Each story will have a twist in it that will keep the audience engaged and help them remember the lessons to take back home with them. Ricky will make you laugh and think deeply about the people that you love and love you.

Walking on Working Surfaces

Presented by Alex Nobles

Falls from heights and on the same level (a working surface) are among the leading causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. OSHA has issued a final rule on Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems to better protect workers in general industry from these hazards by updating and clarifying standards and adding training and inspection requirements. This session will review what it all means and what is required to comply.

Essentials for the New Safety Manager

Presented by Mike Yarbrough

Are you NEW to the safety management game? Wondering what your company is required to do and how to get there? We will review what you & your company is responsible for regarding employee safety and how to achieve compliance. We will also cover “What do I do if OSHA shows up at my door?”, Citations and Penalties, Employer and Employee Rights and Responsibilities, Record Keeping Basics, the OSHA 300 log, how to perform a JSA (Job Safety Analysis), and creating a safety manual. This “roll up your sleeves” forum allows you to ask questions and get answers on your specific needs!

The Opioid Epidemic & Effects on Occupational Safety

Presented by Kelly Nantel, NSC

More information coming soon!

Improving Your Safety Culture

Presented by Wylie Davidson

More information coming soon!

Fatigue in the Workplace

Presented by NSC

More information coming soon!

Zoll AED Mobilized Rescue Systems

Presented by Dr. Joseph A. Bart

More information coming soon!

Human Performance for Operational and Safety Excellence

Presented by Bruce Bolger

More information coming soon!

Virtual Reality Safety Training

Presented by 3M

More information coming soon!

Active Shooter & Securing Your Campus

Presented by Dave Ditullio

More information coming soon!

A Safety Culture Success Story - Case Study

Presented by Lincoln Electric

More information coming soon!

Critical Skills for Safety Leadership

Presented by Bruce Bolger

More information coming soon!

Employee Mental Heath and Effects on Safety

Presented by Michael Ford

More information coming soon!

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